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Hi, Mark,
I am pervin, almost 10 years ago since 2001 i received Neothink, Neothink system, the first immortals as children,Neothink discovery and more books.After that time just reading everyday, but i can’t concept nothing yet,in the mean time i lost everything,(job,business, relationship,love i mean all living life which is not describable) but i am still reading those books daily basis, some time looked ok, but most of the time after reading getting more bad situation. I don’t know what’s my fault, may be personal nysticism so difficult way on me, or may be i don’t understand anything yet. However recently i join to the neo-think society as you suggest to me, attend everyday conference, i am doing that but still not doing good, thinking process never come deeply,i feel something bothering, so how can do better for my real life? Pleased let me know about my situation. Although i know, you know everything about me. but specially i need help from you, if you don’t mind. Because my life is very harder way moving on, which is understandable but uncontrolled. I am very unsuccessfull person.I wanted save my life and family life. Thank you
Pervin Banu