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I would like to take this opportunity to add my voice in Favor of Mark Hamilton.  He has given to society insights that when properly understood and internalized will advance the forward moving development of our world.  Throughout mans history, there have always been person with mature meaningful insights designed to aid mankind in his quest for forward development.  Mark Hamilton is one of those individuals.

It is not Mr. Hamiltons  fault if those who have heard what he has to offer the world are not emotionally mature enough to grasp his insights.  I personally have gained many benefits by his insights both personally and professionally from his insights and ideas.  Tasks that once seemed impossible to complete within the course of my daily work are now easier to complete  but are now ahead I repeat ahead of schedule.

I now spend more time with My family doing the kinds of things that bring about balance and stability to my life.  For that alone Mr. Hamilton I could never thank you enough. I mean that.  I am now on to accomplishing

a lifelong ambition  that will be of great benefit to many people who would under normal circumstance would be left out of the fruits of a productive life.  I will end this letter by saying this:  The day I was contacted to explore the concepts offered by Mr. Hamilton was and is a pivotal point in my life.   I am not a person who needs to be told what I should do.  I am a self starter in every sense of the word.  I have established my self as a leader in every endeavor I ever really put my efforts to.  But all people leaders or those that follow can benefit from helpful insights from time to time.  The concepts offered by Mark Hamilton are key insights that advance forward thought and his work must continue without interruption.

Mr. Leon S