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When I received my invitation to join the Neothink Society, my life had previously been turned upside down…then a 180 degree turn around.  Let me explain!

       Attending the University of AriZona, I decided to go to a party with a girl in my art class.  On the way back to the campus I was too tired to drive and my date took the wheel.  I woke up four days later in the hospital and found that I was lucky to be alive.  My date hit a soft shoulder and rolled the car 128 feet.  My surgeon put four platinum screws in my left femur and I had a broken pelvis.  The bad part was that he said I would probably never walk again.  He then put a body cast on me, which started just under my arms down the complete left leg and on the right leg it stopped just above the knee.  My legs were spread and there was a bar between them.  There was no way I could move, not even turn over.  I knew the only way I was going to walk was with prayer.  I prayed and prayed and one day I asked Jesus to come and heal my broken body.  Each day my prayer, with visualization, seemed stronger and before long I could feel the love coming from Jesus as he came to heal my body.  I now walk without a limp and count my blessings!

        I spent 7 years as a newspaper photographer and then I enjoyed a rewarding career in the Pharmaceutical business.  I called on doctors promoting my companies prescription drug products. I enjoyed calling on doctors and I soon realized you must believe in yourself and your products. I learned to speak the medical language, learned to put excitement into my presentation in order to get the doctor to really listen to me. I gained trust through knowledge of what I was talking about.  I gained friendships too and many of the doctors would let me in even when they were busy. My sales grew with leaps and bounds and I enjoyed the President’s Honor Club, where I took trips with my wife to exciting places.  Retiring after 29 years.

        We decided to move to Arkansas where the kids were re-locating their business, my wife wanted to be close to the grandchildren.  We found a brick 3 bedroom home in the Ozarks and I started designing a 25 foot square room addition for our office, computer, and TV viewing.

     Every time I tried to place the room around the house, there was no place for a connecting door.  Instead of giving up I got my drawing paper and asked my higher self to help me find the answer.  The next day I got the drawing out again and I was impressed to make a 25 foot square template (scaled 1/4 inch to a foot, the scale of my drawing) and place it around the rear of the house on the drawing and this revealed where to put the new room.  Thus building a 10 foot hallway from a poorly placed back door that made no sense to us in the house design to the new room.  I went outside and measured and it was the only place for the room and the hallway could be constructed.  This gave us our entryway into the new room.  I then realized the room had no “wow” factor, it was a square room.  The next day I was impressed to put a three bay window in the left corner opposite where I was having my office cabinets installed.  We bought two double recliners for TV viewing.  During the day we could sit in the recliners and look out through the bay windows, up the driveway and see the pasture and the big lake on the other side of our property line. The contractor said he could build the room to plan and it would look “cool”.   After joining NEOTHINK SOCIETY I found I could use Neothink to get my 10 second miracles.  Neothink works very well and is so much easier.

        While the contractor was building the room I became more sensitive to my wife’s new cardiac problems.  The cardiologist suggested a triple heart bypass surgery, as three of her heart arteries were severely blocked, 90,80, and 75%.  My wife decided to have the surgery and eight hours after surgery, one of the veins taken from her leg ruptured.  Her heart stopped before they could get her chest re-opened and find a new vein.  The next few months were unbelievable.  Life must go on and I learned to cope.  I finished the room and it was beautiful!   In the grieving process I went from one girl friend to another during the next couple of years.

       One evening I received a phone call from my brother in Tucson, AZ and he said my high school was having a 50th class re-union and they were looking for me.  My impression was that I should attend. My brother said come on over and you can stay with me for the re-union. When I got to the re-union I saw JoAnn, whom I had a crush on in high school, but never had the money or a car to date.  I wanted a career in photography and my instructor told me not to worry about the girls until I had a career and then the girls would find me. The re-union was fun and JoAnn and I shared many memories while enjoying the re-union.  About 5 years later I received a letter telling of the 55th class re-union. Something within me told me that JoAnn would be there, and it would be “Wow”.  I confirmed my reservation.  I had my gut feeling and I decided to follow my impression, JoAnn would be there and it would be “Wow”.   The time passed slowly and I overcame all the negative inner thoughts, Yes, I followed my impression as I received it.

On the opening day of the re-union JoAnn did not show for breakfast or lunch, yet I knew within my heart that JoAnn would be here.  I kept my faith and did not get discouraged. That evening was the big banquet!  I arrived early and signed in.  Standing beyond the sign-in table I saw her coming thru the far door alone. I waited until she signed in and walked toward the entrance door where I was standing.  JoAnn saw me and a big smile came over her face. She came towards me and said this calls for a big hug “Wow”!  We walked into the banquet room together and talked with many of our classmates. We sat down for dinner on the opposite side of the room from the band, we wanted to talk.  Before long JoAnn told me that her husband had passed on four years ago from illness.  We talked about so many things and soon we exchanged our addresses and phone numbers.  I told her this time “I do not want to lose you “, she smiled.  I said I want to call you as soon as you get home. She said she was going to visit her children and would be home in two weeks, “so call me at 7:00 P.M. PST and we can talk”. We walked to her car and with parting kisses she drove off, smiles on both our faces.  I was in Cloud 9……

        I drove back to Pocahontas and finally the evening came that I could call her. The sound of JoAnn’s loving voice was wonderful. We talked for three hours and finally JoAnn said it was midnight, my time, and I had better get some sleep. We talked for three hours each evening for the next month. Spontaneously I asked if she would like to see where I lived. Yes, she said with a smile in her voice. The day of JoAnn’s arrival came and I drove the 60 miles to the Airport.  We had dinner and drove to my place. It was after dark when we arrived so the next morning I opened the door to the rear deck to show her the view of the pond, the garden area and the large Oak trees.  In the morning light it is always very beautiful.  I took her everywhere and she was excepted with love from everyone. One evening JoAnn asked me, ” If we are to be together will we have anything to talk about “?   My answer to her…. Have we had any problems for the past month ? There was a pause and she said no we haven’t.

        We got along wonderful together and soon JoAnn asked me if I wanted to see her home in Oceanside. “Yes” I said, and with the reservation we flew on both flights side by side all the way to San Diego.  JoAnn had her daughter pick us up at the airport. We stopped for dinner on the way to JoAnn’s home and I got acquainted with her daughter.  Later I got to meet her husband, “Great people”. Oceanside is a wonderful place to live as we are about four miles from the ocean as the eagle flies.  One day we went to see the ocean and it was wonderful to be with the woman you love. We stopped for dinner before we drove back to her home and another wonderful day! We have seen so many sights and enjoyed dinning in many restaurants, this is a fun place to live! I sold my home in Pocahontas and brought some of my things here. We blended our furniture and remodeled.  We have been together for three years now and our love for each other has grown…All of this because of Neothink.

Thank you