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An Amazing Journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Trilogy was an Eye Opener..CONNECTING with the child of our Past is Essential. If you Love to Work Hard & Play Hard, than you will Enjoy Mark Hamilton’s Book’s. The Dreamer in Me is AWAKE AGAIN!!! The Business Aspect’s that Mark talk’s about are Dynamic. If you want Tool’s that will work than this is VITAL information.





Mark Hamilton’s literature dramatic change are in my life and empowered me to live the life of my dreams no longer waste valuable time in prayers or other superstitions. I devote all my energy reading all the books that I have it makes me feel better specially when I’m so dispperate and if I’m not feeling good I feel this the  only medicine I know that could solve everything and also devote all my energy toward rational and beneficial conclusion. Discovering harmony with the world around you with the universe and with yourself that everyone’s
life long search for something more come in completion for I found it, through your rare knowledge for everything Mark Hamilton! You are so genius you are not just saving yourself and your family but throughout mankind. I admire you so much Mark Hamilton hoping everyone work together same as the twelve immortal’s, to achieve the super-puzzle. The Neothink society the twelve vision party their aim’s first depoliticize America
to free all the geniuses and set free medicine, science, and businesses. Neothink geniuses will rise and take  care of all our needs making everyone very wealthy, very healthy as medical technologies soar and will eradicate diseases while free to prosperous society. Boring routine jobs of labor get replace with exciting creative jobs of the mind resulting deep individual happiness from creative not stagnant lives which will love rekindle permanent feelings of romantic love and exciting family love, finally the new Neothink puzzle building mentality will spread to everyone creating futures full of extraordinary values happiness and love then you’ll feel to live forever for the super-puzzle!”Biological immortality”!!! Thanks again Mark Hamilton for being in to this society!!! luisa p