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To the Humans of the World,
Mark Hamilton and Neothink is changing my life continuously.  I am feeling better mentally and physically every moment, and better every day.  My personal life and relationships are improving.  I am in the beginning stages of starting my own business, with the help of the Society.  I can’t wait for what is to come and I am very excited about encountering every moment.  I believe anyone will find the same results as I have by acquiring Neothink information, and ingesting the content.  I encourage anyone to make a small investment to find out more about where Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party are going to take you.  I know where we are going, and I can’t wait.
A huge thank you to Mark Hamilton and all the members of The Neothink Society!
Michael F


You could search the world over & not find a more honest, sincere compassionate & warm hearted young man.  He has devoted his life to the Neothink society & its members to help everyone live a better life, to be happy, free & good.  The things he taught is not in the library & you won’t learn in a school room. We don’t wish any one any harm, we just want to pursue our dreams & have a better government, honest & decent. That’s not asking too much!!  I sincerely wish he can be left alone to finish his work for the world to see what a Genius he truly is.

Thank you

Peggy L.


The Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton have empowered me to live the life of my dreams.  The Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions Party and The Twelve Visions World are powerful puzzle pieces regarding everyone everywhere living the life that we are meant to live minus the dishonesty!