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The Twelve Visions Party <TVP>


My name is Ralph Menchaca, and I belong to the Twelve Visions Party. I am a Visionary member for the TVP, and also a participating member of of the Neothink Society.

Mark Hamilton is the Founder/Mentor of the Neothink Society, and the Twelve Visions Party.

The Prime Literature written by the Founder/Mentor, Creates the TVP,Visions, Ideals, Business Dynamics, and


Hi, {TVP, Testimonial}
My name is Ralph Menchaca. I belong to the Twelve Visions Party, and also belong to the Neothink Society. I am a Visionary member of the TVP, and Visionary for TVPCA. With this, I acknowledge, and thank Mark Hamilton, for the Membership, and the one-year, Mentorship meetings. Mark Hamilton is a great Mentor, and a Self-Leader, for Leadership that you can find nowhere else. I wish also, to Compliment, Mark Hamilton, for the enormous Values, received to my life, my Lively-hood, my Sense of life, and a Desire, and Determination to Succeed, and become, Wealthy, Healthy, and Prosperous, for myself, and my Family. Now, allow me to Invite you to come and Join-in, the Neothink Society, the Clubhouses, and most of all, to Join the Twelve Visions Party.
Take the opportunity, to participate in the Party! Come and live the life, you were meant to live, in a Prosperous, Twelve Visions World!


Hi, my name is Ralph Menchaca. I belong to the Neothink Society, and also belong to Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions Party. A Visionary, member.
I have read Mark Hamilton’s Prime Literature, and I can state that the Literature/Writing’s, create for the reader a limitless amount of Values, and Advantages, that one can use for Personal, as well as for Business, Solutions/advantages/techniques/value/money creations and self-fulfillment. Through the Heirloom’s Prime-Literature, a person generates the power, and wealth, that one may live the life he/she is meant to live, and become the person he/she is meant to be.
The founder of the Twelve Visions Party, Mark Hamilton, invites you, me, members and non-members, the media, and anyone, and everyone of all walks of life, to Join-in the Twelve Visions Party, and see for yourself what is offered, and take advantage, for Wealth, Health, and Prosperity. To make everyone RICH, INCLUDING THE POOR!
As a participating member of the Neothink Society, I acknowledge Mark Hamilton, as a great Value Creator, and contributor of that Value, to the America, and society that we live in today!
There is no illusion here. I suggest that you contact one of the Neothink, clubhouses, for leadership, and to Discover that Something More to life. A new Future awaits you, Join the Twelve Visions Party!
and make everyone RICH, INCLUDING THE POOR!
Ralph Menchaca


My name is Ralph Menchaca. I received my invitation to the Neothink Society from Mark Hamilton, 2,years ago. I am very glad now, to have responded to the letter.
At that time I was struggling, to not lose my Home, and struggling with a mountain of personal problems, and
payments. The Economic collapse did not help any.
After reading the Multigenerational manuscripts, and attending Apprentice meetings, I started to work with Numbers. Working the Numbers/Values as outlined in the level 2, & 3, meetings with Mark Hamilton. I now manage all my Debt, and Personal problems successfully. I constantly reduce or eliminate any debt, or huge debt that I may have. Also, most of my Personal problems were eliminated.
I use the Integrated Concepts, and Neothink advantages,to create that something more, that was always missing, for me and my Family.
I would like to thank Mark Hamilton, and Compliment him for the Great Mentorship of the Neothink Society.
I also, have the privilege, to be a member of the Twelve Visions Party. A Mark Hamilton creation.
I recommend the Mark Hamilton Multigenerational manuscripts, and Mentorship Programs to anyone and everyone to create the Values for Wealth, Health, and Prosperity.



HI, My name is Ralph Menchaca.

I belong to the Neothink Society, and I’m inviting you to come to a Neothink Clubhouse Meeting and Join! Next, I welcome you to Join-in with Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party <TVP> and make everyone RICH! Including the Poor.

A new FUTURE awaits everyone, come and see.

At this time, as a participating Neothink Mentor, I can tell you,- Come and live the Life your were Meant to live! for that Something More.


Ralph M