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I joined Mark Hamilton’s Neothink® Society because of the enormous amount of mental stimulation I found within the Society. There are thousands of pages inside the Neothink® Society library, this information is such a valuable asset to gaining iron grip control of everything in my life, and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. I highly recommend everyone join the Neothink® Society for the love, compassion, understanding, and the willingness of all the members to reach out and help each other and to work together towards common goals.

The Twelve Visions Party® and the Neothink® Business Alliance work closely together to bring Wealth, Health, and Peace to everyone in this country, Including the Poor! There is an opportunity for anyone in this country that is willing to take responsibility for everything you do in order to live a better life, and to lift yourself up out of the suppressed class, the working class, and move into the wealthy elite class. That opportunity is readily available for anyone who wants it; Mark Hamilton has given us a blueprint on how to achieve this in his book, Wealth, Health, Peace!!!

With the Twelve Visions Party® and with the information in Mark Hamilton’s Prime Literature everyone can live the exhilarating life we were meant to live!

Wealth, Health, Peace for Everyone!

With love, Kenneth Townsend