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I’m very happy to have the opportunity to read your books and to get to know you over the internet. In 1997, for the first time, I had the opportunity to read some paragraphs from Neothink, explanation from the Administration Seminar. I thought you were an interesting person and I started to have the wish to meet you.
I have been studying Neothink & Mark Hamilton’s literature for over 3 years; I since read quite mainly written by Mark Hamilton, it has had a huge positive effect on my life in every way. I have learned to take more and more control of my own life. I can now see the illusion of government threat laws over all of us law abiding citizens whom just want to live our lives with happiness & pure love.

Without the twelve Vision Party and Neothink, we will continue to lose more and more of our inherent rights as human beings, Parents, and Law abiding citizens. Mark Hamilton, is a unique person, He is being the business minded genius and is my inspiration for me, every day. Mark Hamilton’s literature is full of eye opening discoveries and valuable lessons in how to lift a society out of forced suppression into creative freedom. The Visions and Insights of the Prime Literature are profound in my life and the First Immortals Trilogy is so real that my emotions go to another level of happiness! the mini day, Power Thinking, Puzzle building, the Neothink mentality are becoming ingrained in me and it feels so good! Thank you Mark Hamilton!!
I become thrilled an privileged to be apart of the Business Alliance, the TVP Convention and Conferences Calls, Prime Literature Conferences Calls, National Conference Calls, clubhouses ……

Neothink has provided not only positive results but more important, full control over my own life. This is the goal of Neothink, to provide the critical information necessary for people to flourish and be happy. “To live the life they were meant to live”
I see the changes that are occurring in this world.
Thank you, Mark Hamilton to be my mentor, thank you for your time and for all your beautiful words, but most of all the content and meaning. I thank you and will be forever grateful, whit gratitude and love.



Dear Mark:
It is a honor to be a member of the Neothink society let me said I been a member of the neo-think society at list (6) years and my life change for the better I became smarter and wiser…..I have a  bright future at head with so much to accomplish, went I get out of bed in the morning with great energy because I see in feel the future all because I take my mentality  to next level of thinking.
I had gain so much knowledge from all the material I study during years of membership with the Neothink society that I feel that my life is on journey to the future for riches and happiness  and good health, honestly I feel like a superman  I feel stronger and staying focused.
Said on I support the  the twelve vision party is the way of building our children’s future in for our great country ,  this twelve vision party are build on honesty to bring forward wealth and riches to everyone in the world.
The twelve vision party may well bring a better future medicine and the anti-aging cure………
Vincent I. G



The Neothink Society has been my ultimate survival package in this A/C of the bicameral mentality of reasoning. That brings forth excitingly different and exceedingly great integrations daily, in all parts of ones power thinking process, to the superlative of much ones necessary existence.



Mark Hamilton, (a peace loving man) has taught us to look at all of the rational facts for ourselves, by doing our own research on what he has to say, in the ways of honesty integrations. Now, when new information is discovered and accepted about facts, facts will change of society. For there is only one perfect law (rational integrated honesty/Prime Law) in the universe, and that is everything must change. The principles of integrated rational facts will help you to discover what ‘IS’. So, know what the facts are before accepting an illusion of lies from the media and others, about Mark Hamilton. Mark Hamilton, has demonstrated his love for those that have made him their enemy, by sharing the Prime Law of love to all of society.

Soon, there will come a time that those (value destroyers) that produce every little value in society, if any, will want to stop Mark Hamilton, from bring the honesty mentality to the public, because of the threat to their dishonest earning and unearned power off of the USA public and the world, with their illusions. They will try to prosecute him to destroy his honest works to the world, with their dishonest media and by other means, as they did prosecute Jesus over two thousand years ago. Honesty needs no defense!

Since being exposed to the Neothink Society principles (for over twenty years) and the Twelve Vision Party, as mentored by Mark Hamilton, I have been able to live the principles in my life, as a responsible self-leader, the life I was meant to live, with integrated honesty.

Blessed is Mark Hamilton, for helping so many to know live as it should be lived. All of the principles from Neothink, which I have applied in my living, has bought out the unique genius we all can process from inside us, and not the genius of the status quo. The genius that I discovered within me (with honesty integration), helps me to create and produce great values for all of man kind.

In my Neo-Think studies, I found that there are two mentalities (encouraged by philosophies), honesty and dishonesty, evolving in the world today. We live by the principles of our accepted philosophy. The most noted philosophers are Plato and Aristotle, for over the last twenty-five hundred years.

The Platonian philosophy decreased the value of all conscious being here on earth to day, which led to valve destruction in these times that we all live. His philosophy takes away the individuals rights, which sets in place external authorities, a ruling class, the elites, and value destruction. The core meaning of his philosophy, means altruism, the cause justifies the means. Sacrifice of the cause! Whether if it means giving up your life, rights, property or taxes. The Platonian Philosophy (mentality) gives you happiness after your death.

The Aristotle philosophy: the coming mentality to society today, stresses the individual’s rights, because when the individual right is protected, all rights are protected. He also defines that the conscious human being is the most precious value in the universe, and that not even one should have to sacrifice any of his values other than by choice. This philosophy, also defines that an individual has the right to create and produce his own values for himself and others through business, without initiatory forced, fraud, or coercion. Aristotle’s Philosophy: says creation own values of happiness during your live.

Mark Hamilton, has discovered the missing piece to bring this new mentality to fruition, through his Twelve Visions. He found that flawed man can’t be trusted with implementing the universal law with honest integrations; therefore, man must be under a signed contract, which will manage him, instead of him manage it.

Mark Hamilton, has created and produced most value in society with his Twelve Visions Plan, than any man or woman that has ever lived on planet earth. To those that are reading my testimonial, please join with Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society, so that we can eradicate suffering, poverty, crime and war from our planet.

Thank you Mark Hamilton!

Otto Beasley


Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society’s, Honest, Rational, Integrated thinking is most valuable. Rational Honesty allows me to view life in a reality exists, Neo - Think Mentality. By taking the time to think, I can avoid irrational choices that are emotion based.

Mark Hamilton and the Literature has helped to identify and purge dishonesty and self – deceiving thoughts and behavior within me, and as a result, thinking in a Honest, Reality Exist Perspective.

The TVP Political Movement will bring Freedom, Individual Freedom, for Myself, the Family and the World. Freedom is Myself, my Family and the People of this Country and the World being who we were meant to be, Happiness and Prosperity, by way of Creative, Productive, Business, to afford to have and do what we want, with Millionaire Incomes.

With the Twelve Visions Party, Minority, will no longer exist. Being regulated to what we can do will be non – existent. The only function of a government is the protection of IndividualRights.                                                                                                                           In contrast, without the TVP Movement and Mark Hamilton and his Literature, the poor has No Freedom and Prosperity. Sickness and Disease will quite likely reach DisasterousLevels.                                                                                                                      Me and my Family and all the People of this Country and the World, would Live a Life Unfullfilled. Instead of Happiness and Prosperity, the People of this World will continue to Struggle, and it can and will get worse, without the TVP Movement.         Without Mark Hamilton and his Literature, the People of this World, will not Discover the Potential they have to use the Brain in a new way, Neothink. The means to be the person you were neant to be, to discover that there is more to Life than each Individual has now.   Thank you Mark Hamilton for the Literature and my Membership.                                      Greg  K


What Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society, and Twelve Visions Party TVP has done for me.
This man, his movement and his teachings have been the most valuable thing I have ever received in all my life. We must all ignore the unjust ramblings that the media and the current government establishment will stir up because how could they possibly understand what they have not experienced for themselves. They are mearly threatened by what they do not understand; but as we all know, this is a free country and just because the government and the media does not understand an individual and what he represents does not give them the right to mislead the public into persecuting anyone. Especially when someone has not broken any actual laws. Mark Hamilton is a genius. He is a true man of value with a business (Neothink Society) and a movement (TVP) that has every right to continue operating in any way he sees fit so long as he is not committing actual force against others, which he most certainly is not. For me personally, I would be lost in a sea of confusion and depression without the knowledge and skills taught to me by him and other members of the Neothink Society. Thanks to Mark I have successfully eliminated every addiction that plagued me; including depression, drugs, cigarettes, drinking, and a loser mentality that has kept me down for as long as I can remember. I am a better man today than I believe I could have ever become without his help. I feel healthier and happier than I ever even new was possible. I have found and managed to hang on to the woman of my dreams because of this, and I have discovered the business savvy within myself to succeed even in the roughest of times thanks to Mark Hamilton. I owe everything good in my life to Mark because he took the time to talk to me and help me overcome my personal demons. And he does this for every single person who asks him to. Without people like Mark Hamilton this world would surely be a much darker place for us all to endure. And without groups like the Neothink Society, we would lose the strength of diversity that defines us as a nation. Without movements like the Twelve Visions Party how could we possibly make changes for the better. I cannot wait to have an actual additional political party to provide more options to the American public for debate and problem solving to keep this country great. We owe Mark Hamilton a debt of gratitude just for existing as such a valuable, love-filled and giving person that he is. I thank you Mark Hamilton with all of my precious heart for what you have done for me. Without people like you, my life and our nation would surely suffer to no end. Your movement represents, for me, the chance at a truly rewarding life filled with love and happiness. No more dark days of uncertain fear and woe; but instead, an increasingly wonderful journey to a greatness never imagined by this nation of ours before now.