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I am a member of the Neothink Society, have been for a couple of years, since I joined I have developed a whole new attitude toward life in general, politics of our Country, causes and effect of certain elements with in our civilization and the future of Mankind, all from my mentor Mark Hamilton and other members 0f the Neothink Society. The Goals of the Society are to have Health, Wealth, Love and Peace for all Mankind.

Those are worthy goals for any segment of our Civilization and I am proud to be a part of



The Twelve Visions Party <TVP>


My name is Ralph Menchaca, and I belong to the Twelve Visions Party. I am a Visionary member for the TVP, and also a participating member of of the Neothink Society.

Mark Hamilton is the Founder/Mentor of the Neothink Society, and the Twelve Visions Party.

The Prime Literature written by the Founder/Mentor, Creates the TVP,Visions, Ideals, Business Dynamics, and


Hi Mark Hamilton

You have change me to go after what I want and into thinking just like sally I do see differently just like you ,a great mentor you are thanks



My whole family, my wife, my two


My name is Bertice Hopkins. I am a Neothink member. I must share with the world the priceless value I receive being a Neothink member. Now it is a challenge for me to even put my feelings into words Only because my feelings and love goes beyond words for my mentor Mark Hamilton and my Neothink family. I must tell you before I joined the Neothink Society I was at my wits end sinking deep into a hopeless depression I have always felt I was here on this planet to do great things on a global scale I knew that inside I was something yet to be revealed I knew I held a might that has been waiting to be unleashed and a love that was pure in its essence which is the power source to all things. But these things I knew and what depressed me was others where not like me and when I say that I mean I always knew there was something more to life than what was presented before me it was always something missing in my life and the world as I knew it at that time


My mentor, Mr. Mark Hamilton. My most honorable greetings to you Sir.


Dear Mark Hamilton,

I just thought I’d give you an apology for taking so long to give you any feedback with an explanation .Thank-you for your patience.

I feel very honored to be selected and brought into the Neothink Society, and to have you as my mentor leaves me at a loss for words .I wish I could describe just how much it means to me.

I received SOS Roots this past


Hi, {TVP, Testimonial}
My name is Ralph Menchaca. I belong to the Twelve Visions Party, and also belong to the Neothink Society. I am a Visionary member of the TVP, and Visionary for TVPCA. With this, I acknowledge, and thank Mark Hamilton, for the Membership, and the one-year, Mentorship meetings. Mark Hamilton is a great Mentor, and a Self-Leader, for Leadership that you can find nowhere else. I wish also, to Compliment, Mark Hamilton, for the enormous Values, received to my life, my Lively-hood, my Sense of life, and a Desire, and Determination to Succeed, and become, Wealthy, Healthy, and Prosperous, for myself, and my Family. Now, allow me to Invite you to come and Join-in, the Neothink Society, the Clubhouses, and most of all, to Join the Twelve Visions Party.
Take the opportunity, to participate in the Party! Come and live the life, you were meant to live, in a Prosperous, Twelve Visions World!


to Mark Hamilton am happy to talk about multigenerational manuscripts and twelve vision party what mean to my life and my family what MARK HAMILTON learn me love the life. create the value live smart health .safe rich take responsibility for my own life and deeply appreciated life and all this mean self leader.
i discover the illusion of ruling class of lazy ,dishonest ruler and leader. What Mark Hamilton means to me he open my mind i am lucky to meet this man and more glad he became my mentor, he earned my eternal respect.
Y. K


Mr Mark this is Mike Covarrubias this testimony is for my mentor Mark with my most deepest respect. This a great honor to have a mentor like you your kindness the love you share for US is great!!
Mr Mark Hamilton you’ve opened my eyes thanks to you I am a different ME
Mr Mark you are the GREATEST of the greatest I’m whit you even if I’m slow in technology I’m just an old man who believes in your guidance.I deposited my hopes in you Mr. Mark
your prime literature is priceless at list for me.Mr Mark whatever the storm or turbulence maybe!!! let’s walk through it with courage.
let’s see the light of truth in the other side of the STORM YOU Mr Mark you’re are going to give us the greatest GIFT of get rich program in HUMAN HISTORY.
This testimonial was written by a 66 year old NTWARRIOR