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Since I got involved with Neothink, it has been a great adventure. I have met great people and have been a lot happier. Neothink brought happiness into my life. Reading the literature really opened my eyes and motivated me to what i can accomplish and make a better life for me and others. I have been with Neothink for



Your friend Donald, the Twelve Visions Party / Neothink Society, you and your father, have help me see all bad things in the would, after reading all your books and your fathers, my eyes are open all the time, now with the help of Mark and his team, we all will be living the life all were met to live, all we need to do is fight for are freedom, and we the people can win, we are bigger than them, Mark keep up all the hard work, you are working for your father, and all of us, your friend Donald Stedman.


Dear Mark,

Thank you, Mark, for your genius in creating the TVP. You give us hope, confidence and the ability to meet people with like minds. Without you we could not have the TVPNJ launch which was a one-in-a-million experience. The convention center vibrated from all the energy that was in the room. It was both fun and informational. We met and learned about our leaders and met so many TVP members but the most exciting moment for me was finally seeing and hearing you. Your message and your presence albeit through the internet was mesmerizing and we were all concentrating so intently that you could have heard a pin drop. I cannot wait for TVP to be in every states. We need TVP to once again give the citizenry the life that we all deserve.

I am honored to be a member of TVP and Neothink Society. It certainly has added a wonderful dimension in my life.



Being in the Society with Mark Hamilton has changed my life for the better. I now know it is okay to be the free thinker I am, and have always been.
I know there are many more free thinkers out there among all people.
I used to feel I was the only person who felt out of place, free thinking.
I am happy Mark Hamilton has chosen to help all peoples, achieve the status of free thinking, finding their essence,and much more. We all need to be lifted up and achieve greatness!
I am greatful for all the wonderful people I have met thru NEOTHINK SOCIETY.
We need to keep moving up and on, as we are to have Mark Hamilton- America a reality.
Margaret Levine




It’s amazing how things are changing inside me! I have really seized onto an idea that was inspired by Mark Hamilton’s incredible Multigenerational Manuscripts: the idea is to be a value creator. This coupled in with an idea from Napoleon Hill: Do More than is paid for. Since I read Mark Hamilton’s literature I have been steadily improving my ability to create value for myself and others. And yesterday I met someone and just went way out of my way to help. It was an incredible feeling knowing how much value I was bringing to this person!

Value Creation feels absolutely wonderful!



My name is Andrew Y, when I was introduced to Neothink just over three years ago, I had to be apart of it. Before Neothink, I was lost and stagnant. The love of my life, left me and I lost hope. When Neothink came to me, I was astonished. I read the literature and it motivated me to keep going and improve my life. And help improve other lives. I am doing that. Since then I have moved up in the company I work for. I have a lot more confidence in myself and have met great people and friends with Neothink, and recently met a great woman who I adore.  There is a lot of great knowledge to learn through Neothink and I am still learning, but the rewards are endless.