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I think there was a movie called that once.I never saw it, but the phrase means alot to me now. Suppose a butterfly never got to complete it’s metamorphosis from a lowly worm to creature that uses currents of wind, created by it’s own new wings, to travel in a beautiful form of true natural art. Suppose it was stopped mid-life to evolve any farther than worm on the ground. The beauty of the creature would never be recognized. Well, that is exactly what Mark Hamilton made me realize through his genius literature, had happened to the human beings on the planet earth. A force they could’nt see because they and their ancestors had been blinded by false truths that they were done evolving. That the ancestors we have were exactly all there is to humanity, no more. You get to a certain point in life and then stop and just wait to grow old and die. That my friend is giving up on your own personal evolution, to become the Butterfly type creature we were all meant to become. We through the beliefs most humans believe, are stuck in the lowly worm phase. Mark Hamilton taught me that I can evolve just as nature intended. Armed with this knowledge, I’m on my way to evolution, thanks from the center of my heart Mark Hamilton, You Rock…
Sincerely, Jon Running