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In 2006 my career, and seemingly my life came crashing down with a crush foot injury I had received during work. I had just completed my BA program and was assigned a term assistant teaching position while I finished up the credentialing process as a Special Education Instructor.

Working in the education field for 14 years caused me to really evaluate my self, my actions, and those instructions which I gave to my students.

This self evaluation occurred because over the years I continued to witness the removal of our society from that which is ethical, honest, and of real worth.

So many governmental regulations, taxation, and the suppresions of our economical abilities caused even the middle class to feel the pinch of America


For years now I have cringed at our politicians who say they do things for the good of the people….HaHaHaHa….and we believed them… Whats wrong with us. I’m tired of being less than the middle class. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. There are cures for the sick, Just no Money to be had for the rich….I’m tired of the insanity. I say, give to and love everyone. We are ALL worthy. As the song states…………..What the world needs now is LOVE SWEET LOVE. Peace to all. Anna
I as a member of the tvp I endorse Mark Hamilton and what he and others are doing in support of his efforts that is to create a new party system to build a new and honest system to govern our great nation .He is a man I believe in and support his efforts to govern the American government in an honest and great way. Please join us and we all be happier in this great USofA

Best Wishes,


To Mark Hamilton,

Mark Hamilton has a vision for the future. It is expressed through the Twelve Visions Party.

The Twelve Visions Party is pointed at you. The middle class working people. Most of the society members,



All my life I have worked very hard and never really got ahead. I am a middle class American that follows the rules and I do what I can to survive a comfortable life. The problem is that every year it get’s harder and harder to get ahead because the regulatory government is taking more and more from me. Prices are sky rocketing and medical insurance is outrageous. I have always figured that there was a way a middle class hard working American could get ahead in life and live the way he wants to instead of be limited by regulations and the lack of money. I never did figure out how to do that until I found Mark Hamilton and his Twelve Visions in the Neothink Society. Following Marks program opened the skies to a whole new light. Along with many other facts of reality, the Twelve Visions made a whole lot of sense to me.  This is what I have been searching for my whole life. A way to produce values for those around me and a way to get ahead instead of struggling all the time. There were no illusions like the political, religious and media world today. Just the facts of the past and the present. Mark Hamilton spent a big part of his life preparing this for people like me. The material and Society he has built is one of a kind. The best part of it all, it is the truth. All the unanswered questions that I have had almost my whole life have been answered. All the hard work Mark Hamilton put into his work to bring the truth out from under the political and religious networks is fantastic. It finally gave me some hope  and something to believe in. Now with the TVP movement going forward, I actually want to get involved. I have never wanted to get involved in any kind of political activities before. The TVP is out to put the right into our world and take away the wrong of the world in today’s government. How exciting is that! Pretty exciting to me. No more illusions or lying from officials just so they can get a job that makes them look good and gives them big fat paycheck with our hard earned money. All the wrongful spending  just because they won a popularity contest. Doesn’t seem right to me. I am really looking forward to the TVP movement to take hold of our future and we have Mark Hamilton to thank for that. Thank you Mark Hamilton for letting me be a part of your movement and I look forward to a better future.

A Hard working American,
David Michael I