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Value Shield:
As a TVP® Warrior, I am an extension of Mark Hamilton’s values.
He and his Neothink® Society have provided me great value.
I am honored to have been selected by Mark Hamilton to represent his beautiful Twelve Visions Party®.
Because of my teacher Mark Hamilton, I am more disciplined and able to focus my energy on what matters most now in our world.
I have started the “Military School of Genius’s” and give full credit to Mark Hamilton.
His literature is what will enlighten others like me to step up and become self-driven leaders.
Kind Regards to my friend Mark Hamilton,
Ralph Merritt


Because of Mark Hamilton and his fantastic literature I am now a self leader:

I want “a Protection only Government “verses “a Collection only Government:”

I am a 90 % disabled “warrior Mormon Monk” because of the “Collection only Government” we are under now and the Zion Occupational Government:

The new Twelve Visions Party® will be a welcome contrast to the current “Collection Government.”

I now know how to legally replace and/or shutdown the I.R.S. and its divisions:

I am the Founder of “The Secret Snake Style:”

The new “Military School of Genius’s” will outperform the current military.

I want to personally thank my mentor Mark Hamilton for that entire work he has done for me and is still doing and is creating for me.

Mark Hamilton is my true friend.

I consider all who go against my friend as an enemy:

I believe in “Best Friends, Worst Enemies.”

If anyone wishes to attack Mark Hamilton, Please consider attacking me first:


Ralph Merritt: