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Dear Mark Hamilton:
The grasp of the Neothink Society is, to me, a premise for working together for the common good of society in general. It is another way to state the Golden Rule in layman’s terms.
With Society running amuck these days, a glimpse of what life is really about seems to be very much out of style, to the distinct detriment of every living person throughout the world. Unfortunately for us the media hype preaches this but does NOT even partake of its’
message, choosing to lampoon what is a sincere and true message for life.
It would be a miscarriage of justice to place an obstruction in the path of a constructive way to lead one’s life.
Brantley A. Duddy



I do have to say that you and the others in the secret society have given me a reason to continue to have hope for years I was misunderstood, where I live at they like to embrace small mindedness and only a select few such as myself like to read between the lines and look at things as they really are. My father used to talk about reading between the lines. I have to thank you for encouraging me to look beyond this realm of thinking. All my life I have had different thoughts on different aspects. To summarize, I have to say that not having all of us to follow our realities is like adopting a level of nonexistence! To take our life away from the real avenue of life would be a miscarriage of justice! I have been directed as to who I really am! It should be rendered as illegal to take away our true personalities!  Again, I thank you for directing my destiny. I know that this e-mail is somewhat brief, but I do sincerely hope that this helps. candace c