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When Mark Hamilton invited me to read his manuscripts, he cautioned me of the challenge I would face to ‘make the leap,’ leaving behind old beliefs and that all the ‘greats’ have made the same leap to enter a higher way of thinking. This challenge of the ‘status quo’ terrifies many, even if just for the sake of change, which is continually resisted by the masses. However, it intrigued me and piqued my curious mind, as I have never been one to take the road of least resistance. Instead my life has been the road less traveled and I have endured the hardships that go along with not going along with everyone else.
Mark Hamilton’s manuscripts reached into my brain and my mind and shifted the way I think. All the pieces that did not fit, the unanswered questions, the ‘why’ of life and so much more, were laid out like a treasure map for my mind, my purpose, my destiny and revealed to me how, why and where my dreams were lost along the way. As you may imagine this has been simultaneously sad and victorious as I grieve that I did not know these things so much sooner in my life and that everyone does not know what I have come to understand. I now see the world with compassion rather than contempt, hurt rather than hate, rejoicing rather than repenting.
With this world now moving away from the written word and entertained mostly by videos and catering to a 10 second attention span, I imagine the wisdom, Mark Hamilton has to share with the world will not be delivered or understood by all. As is typical the most opinionated of his work have not read any of his manuscripts but have unkind things to say about this charismatic enlightened fully conscious individual. Moreover, the structure of position and power causes those in positions of power to dislike or be uneasy with anyone who has a ‘following.’ This is a historical fact and history proves what many have done to enlightened individuals. This creates a misperception to the masses as I know clearly Mark Hamilton claims no glory, in fact the opposite is true. He has sacrificed everything to dedication of truth, most distinctly truth to the written word. All who read his words are changed. The fingerprint of envy would like to have this ‘power’ but it is granted to the pure in heart and the clear conscious, who are motivated by love.
People have tragically and passively allowed external authorities to misuse their power over us.  While the function of our government is to ‘protect and to serve’ it has burdened us with restrictions, policy, regulations, taxes and politics in the name of the ‘social good’ for so long, the American Immune System no longer recognizes an invader and cannot distinguish allies from enemies. This lack of distinction can cause extinction and we are watching it happen. Very few people used to discuss ‘politics’ now no matter where you are you will overhear a conversation about the condition of our government and our country.

Despair has brought people to their knees seeking solace in the Temple only to find false doctrines leaving them more confused and baffled by their teachings, intensifying the internal wrath and justifying ‘killing for God.’ Not noticed is the separation of church and state allowed a two-fold punch to the decline of this great country; while the state now disclaims its sovereign rule over morality, it has its own playground of immoral, unethical proceedings against the people they claim to serve.
If the President were to go on television and read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, how would he then proceed with all that is being said and done today?
We have the greatest hypocrisy of all time with the three- ring circus of politics, false religion and western medicine exerting its power over us and devaluing human life
The purpose of life is to live happily and prosper. The function of government is to provide the conditions for people to pursue happiness as is stated in our documents.
The people have the unalienable right to amend and restore the proper function of government and to restore the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
Neo-Thinking, this new thinking is not new but was delivered two thousand years ago. The person bearing this message was murdered and many fear this form of treachery.
Laws are made for the lawless. For the honest person living life happily, what laws shall you erect against him? This is the effect of Mark Hamilton’s manuscripts in my life. I find things insufferable that I used to believe I had no power over. This is the lie. I no longer believe a lie, but I know the truth about many things. I am dedicated to it.
The Twelve Visions Party is already underway, by those who understand these things and the rights we have, are ready to exercise these rights, not just a American Citizens, but as living in this universe, in this galaxy, on this planet, as self guided, honest value creators for society and our families. No government has the function of stopping honest people from standing up for the truth and pursuing happiness,  If they do, they are the tyrant.
Any attacks on Mark Hamilton, whether verbal or otherwise is exhibiting discomfort of the truth and honest people. This is the main thing people need to see. For those of us who know Mark Hamilton well, as we have been personally mentored by him and have seen how this man operates, feel extremely honored and privileged to have had this extreme pleasure and opportunity. This goodwill has been very contagious and meeting other readers of his manuscripts has in many cases created bonds closer than with our own biological families as it is a place where our heart sings.
In a similar way that I would retaliate if anyone hurt my family, I feel sorry for the person who thinks of bringing any harm to Mark Hamilton, as there are many of us who understand the complexity of one who reveals truth and hidden agendas. Is this Country still by the people and for the people? We move in the knowledge that this is still the truth of our Nation.
In our neo-think society, we edify one another and rejoice in others successes. We work together in love and desire to teach the world the same because we see the church and the state have failed in doing so.
The truth needs no defense but we will defend it at all cost!
By Marlene H