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Wow, I just had the most amazing and scary perceptions this morning.
Forgive me for not being on the Neothink or the Twelve Visions Party conference calls this week. I’ve been at the Tapping World Summit every evening. It’s been an amazing journey of self discovery studying the Blood and Geno type sciences, the  Neothink manuals, Integrations from out Teacher Mark Hamilton and now Tapping. Tapping is definitely a means in which to find that child within us.
My thoughts about Wide Scope Accounting just got wider. This puzzle picture forming in my head has gotten so large that it now extends beyond my head. Like the atmosphere around the earth. Being held tight by not gravity but sheer will and desire. I can’t believe I just said that. It scares me, Forgive me if I just scared you. I’ve had integrations like this all my life but have rejected them because How I am perceived by others is important to me. You must think I crazy now. I do!
I can see now that It will be difficult separating my message of Wide Scope Accounting to Businesses and everyone else. I have developed the Neothink marketing approach for businesses. Now I must think about how to reach and stimulate each individual as well.
I really must work on getting the outline and thoughts so far, for this book , out of my head, put it on paper and see if I can attract a publisher and Get a commitment so I can work on this book full time and not worry about my ever pending financial doom.
This puzzle is much bigger than I ever could of imagined. I wonder, if man had known about all the complexities of consciousness ahead of time. Would we have chosen to go there? I think I would of in spite of the difficulties because These integrations are so exciting. I’m beginning to see some connections between all of this and the universe around us. Just maybe, our Teacher Mark Hamilton might be onto something when he describes Human consciousness being the missing link in the unifying theory.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings.
Love, Carl


To: Mr. Mark Hamilton

When I was 19 years of age, I had a dream that, I can move objects with my mind. My level of education was limited back in the days but, I was around and affiliated with high end associates, friends like politicians, attorneys, doctors, christian leaders, etc… I did enjoyed the circle of these professionals but, I also discover the dishonesty, cheating and unprofessional from some of these memebers. After, this period of my life, I tried to become a successful person but, I was disctracted and been diverted to the wrong way by these memebers of my circle of influence. For 32 years, working in one of the corporations, I noticed, taxes created by senators, congress and politicians is all greed and it only benefits themselves. These are the members whom are destroying our society and just raising taxes, bank interests, credit cards rates to our society. However, I have only a $1000.00 in my bank account after 32 years in this corporation plus credit cards and I was loaded with debts. I praise with respect to you Mr. Hamilton. Your words of wisdom and your book “Discovery” really changed things around for me. Mark, now I really discovered my dream when I was 19 years old. I’m praying, Mark Hamilton, you’re the man of your words and I want you to continue your mission of NO RETURN!

Your Member,

Robert Oswald