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Hello Mark Hamilton,
I’m writing you, as I wanted you to know that I’ve probably spent about a $100.00 on you’re information in the past. I can say, honestly I believe that I was not scammed. I believe I received my monies worth as I’ve learned many new things from your books. I’ve certainly spent my money on worse investments in my life, like cold medicines trying to find the right one, or some of the outrages prices charged for basic necessities these days. I don’t agree with all of the things you write about in your books. You certainly get me thinking about things, that I normally don’t have time to think about, because I’m too busy trying to keep a roof over my family’s head, which I guess is your point! I’m worked to the bones by two jobs for a subsistence wage, while the few elite enjoy more than their fair share of the pie, but I’m lucky because I have hope of a better life, which is exactly what your trying to sell. I respect you and your life’s work, but I can’t afford all of your ideas, nor do I have the time to think about them all, because I’m trying to work on my own dreams thanks to some of your information that I bought. Good luck to you sir!
I’ll let you know how I do with my dreams.
Fred Tappan


I have read all of the Neothink Literature consisting of thousands of pages. To me there biggest attraction is to have the Federal Government go back to the Constitution And do what it states which is that it should provide security to its people through the armed services ,FBI, the Justice Dept., etc. Today the Federal Government is in to all things that should be the States business. It seems as though everyone and everything in the US is in bankruptcy, the Gov, the autos. The banks, Social Security, etc. Even our legislative system does not function efficiently as they are always allotting monies to their constituents to keep themselves elected. Taxpayer money is spent needlessly. Neothink literature has taught me how to be efficient in my life. I have tried to pass this along to my four children an d I believe I have succeeded. This is the type of thing I have learned from Mark Hamilton and his Neothink publications .I own everything I have and so do my children. What a wonderful legacy for an 89 year old to leave behind him. Thank you Mark Hamilton