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My name is Tony, I have been a member for the Neothink Society for a near 4 years, and the Neothink pages are ones of the most valuable information, in teaching. inside the multigenerational manuscripts are some of life’s most valuable morals, this knowable has helped me to transform my thinking in too many different possibilities and speeded up my knowledge of using the materials for the creation of endless possibilities for life to come…Mark Hamilton’s teachings are ones of the most powerful values as in this time of day in are world… my mentoring with mark Hamilton has lead me to understand, on how I and are A-Team members are here for are teaching from mark Hamilton, to help use the people to see that we have the greatest treasure right under are feet… as we are all protected from the negatives of are surrounding world, as we can lead are self’s in to future seeing greater than any other movement in the worlds countries, as we the people have the power to creation…as I hope we the people could see as I have to understand the great knowable the has been locked in a box from us the people for a longtime…as I have learned that we are free…thank you



I understand that the political leaders are going to make Mark Hamilton look like a scam artist, perhaps even a “cult leader”. However, I do not feel he is leading any real cult–in fact, he is trying to set our minds free so we can fully integrate our thinking and eventually think for ourselves.

I have been in a cult (I was once one of Jehovah’s Witlesses). They gave me one set of rules, claiming that they came from the Bible–and then, once I was all the way in, they started adding rules. No matter how much I worked for the cult, they wanted even more. One of the ground rules is that you are not allowed to go against the cult leaders–or you would be cut off from fellowship from other members. What was bad about that is that, while you were in, they bashed people on the outside as “bad associations” and “wicked agents of Satan”. Effectively, all the information you were allowed to get about religion, morals, or the Bible came from this group–and you would be “disfellowshipped” for reading outside material on this subject.

When I first got my books, I hunted for any signs of this control–and found none. Such things as fornication, gambling, and materialism (condemned in my former religion) were viewed as being between the individuals involved only, with no one else needing to meddle. And, I saw nothing against listening to certain types of music (my former religion was all against certain music, particularly music from other religions). Nor was there anything against celebrating the holidays and special days (my former religion views it as a major sin to celebrate holidays).

As a former cult member, I know what makes a cult dangerous. Deceptive recruiting, mindless repetition during meetings, wasting all of one’s time in dead works, controlling access to outside sources, and condemning involvement in the outside world all make up some of the hallmarks–and, I am pleased to report that the Neothink Society contains none of these problems. Mark Hamilton is not deceptive in recruiting–yes, people get impatient and expect results without effort, but the literature does say that one cannot use the mind to alter reality. And, I am allowed to look at any web site (even those that fly in the face of the paradigm) without any threats of censorship (try THAT with a cult).

Dishonest politicians? Hardly. I have seen both sides of the Establishment making grandiose promises, all the way back to Carter (and we all know what disaster he turned out to be). The Republicans have sold out to religion–look at Bush. About the biggest major problem I had with Bush is his ties to Christianity–and look at the trouble that generated. And the Democrats–more accurately labelled DUMP-o-CRAPs, only want to grow the government so everything anyone does is what they tell you to (freedom, anyone??). I have seen that with Carter, Clinton, and now Obama (which is eerily similar to “Osama”). Endless regulations choking off our economy have stemmed from these sources.

Now, the report card. They have declared war on cancer in the 1950s–yet all I have seen are endless pledge drives and “We are working on a cure” promises. So what is this war on drugs–and, along with the drugs, we see violence and crime resulting from the inflated prices that street drugs command (much of it because they are illegal). The energy crisis? This was back in 1973. Talk about nuclear power plants has fizzled, as both political sides have caved into wimpy excuses. Nuclear fusion has not gotten off the ground. We still have yet to get other alternative sources beyond experimental small scale usage. And now we have the STUPIDEST “alternative” energy system–take away our food corn, drive up food prices, and make alcohol. Progress?

As of now, Social Security is a mess, and your tax dollars (originally taken for Social Security) may be used for paying down this massive debt. We have not had a surplus–at least not a real surplus–since I can remember. I can remember when the deficits were in the range of 20-40 billion per year, and now it is in the trillions per year range. Real unemployment has exceeded “official” unemployment. And inflation has been consistent, with the exception of the 1930s, since the Fed was instituted. All the while, as recently as this summer, your leaders refused to allow a full audit of the Fed–who may well have been responsible for a bogus “rally” on Wall Street this past 6 months.

Additionally, they regulate our personal lives too much. We have policies that prevent singles from meeting without a string of “jail bait” and “Gotcha” type laws. And, when two people do manage to get together, stagnation (often from work) makes it go stale (along with social mores, which have nothing to do with what is good and more to do with religion). Work today is monotonous at best (and that’s if you have the PRIVILEGE of having a job, which should have been a RIGHT). Homes and apartments come with too many rules. We have speed limits on our highways that are set by insurance companies to find excuses to jack up premiums (our interstates were designed for speeds of 75-85 MPH; why are speed limits often much lower?). And, there are patchworks of stupid laws that anyone can become a criminal for no reason–disrupting livelihoods and creating more problems later on.

Education? No child left behind? I thought we were supposed to be tackling this “illiteracy” problem–since the 1970s! There was a program called Hooked on Phonics that came out in 1987, with good enough results that it is still on the market today. Since the free market has had phonics, why on earth are we still using the look-say method that DOES NOT WORK? Haven’t they had more than 20 years to see that phonics makes enough of a difference to pay $100 or more for a product?

Anyone that says that Mark Hamilton is running a scam operation really needs to look at what our government has accomplished in the past 50 years. Anyone that believes that Mark Hamilton is running a scam operation because they are told by the media needs to look at what our government has accomplished in the past 50 years. This once-great country is on the verge of becoming a totalitarian country, where we are little better off than the Soviet Union was at its height (or, if religions have their say, the Second Dark Ages). That alone should tell who the real scam operations are–the existing government system that has been holding us back into the 1950s, and threatens to push us back into the Second Dark Ages. DON’T FALL FOR IT!