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Hello Mark Hamilton,
I have already experienced the ten second miracle for about the last 12 years. I did the ten second miracle where I work. I have smoothed out all the problems they were having at the office where I work. They are willing to listen to me now since I’ve done this and am introduced to other staff at the main office downtown when I’m down there. I have gained all the truckers respect by getting trucks off the scale a minute apart. I could go faster but the computer is slow.
I know what my Friday Night Essence is. It’s developing an in house or in office exercise program for anyone to do with just music accompaniment and lots of twisting and moving to music. I just need some advice as to how just to get this off the floor and into making me money. Linda P


What does the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party mean to me?
I’ve gone from thinking about everything I cannot do and stuck in a rut with no hope of finding a way out to thinking about what I can do and moving toward a dynamic career with unlimited growth potential. I see where I am, where I want to go and I’m confident I will get there with the help of the Neothink Society and Twelve Visions Party.
My relationship with my wife of 10 years has been reborn. We are changing, growing and getting to know each other again.
I consider it one of the most important moments of my life when I participated in the first National Convention of the Twelve Visions Party in Chicago, IL as a delegate from the state of New York.
Bill W



Before Neothink I was suffering from my own personal demons. Each getting worse day by day. I never actually thought that anything could help me out of it. I thought maybe this was the life I was meant to live until I was contacted by the secret society. They told me things I thought could never be true until I ordered the actual book and took the time to read through it.

There was nothing in my whole entire life that actually opened my mind, my soul and my spirit the way Neo Think has. I have never experienced such a thing. Immediately I felt better about everything. Slowly those personal demons went from firmly gripping my soul to fading each day. I was relaxed, happy and eager to start life all over again.

Then I was introduced to the meetings. And let me tell you, the meetings made me feel the way I did when reading the books only tripled. I’ve never been so happy and so calm about life. I used to stay up most of the day and night worrying about life, fearing everything and letting my myself fall deeper and deeper into a black hole I like to call ‘the sucker hole’. I’m more than happy to say that all of that is in the past and I am moving towards making a name for myself and going about life with a positive thought.

Neothink has definitely changed my life. I’ve changed so much I can’t even remember the me I used to know. The me that suffered so much in the past. I don’t know her anymore and I am happy to know that she and I grew apart. Now that I am in the present with a new mind, a new soul, a new spirit and a whole new perspective on life I know for sure than nothing will ever hold me back.


Dear Mark,

HI  I know we have not meet in person but I have talk to a few other if not for you and Neothink I would not be here right knows the battle of my  health and mind were at great stake till neo think pop in to my life most of all the health issues are under control with out the med s mind over matter I can heal and the survival of my kids as well people need Neothink / Also I have gone from being in a finical hole to now having thing straight and by the end of the year should be debit free as well have to fix me to move for ward the iron grip move in November stated to work 12 hour out of the month for my self on top of working a regular job of 40 hour s I have refinance my house so that I keep it I  have lost 40 pound there a lot more but I will keep moving for ward , Neothink is needed in many ways if people can just see the good of it all these are some of the thing with in the last 10 month that I have done , you have my support mark , I came from all  most losing what I had to stable now , much love Michelle