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My name is Tamara Krashna and I live in Pittsburgh, Pa. I first heard of Neothink a little over 1 year ago. I have since read quite a bit of this material, mainly written by Mark Hamilton , and it has had a huge positive effect on my life in every way.

I have learned to take more and more control of my own life and as a result I am enjoying the best and most satisfying years yet. The best part is that it gets even better as time goes on. Everybody stands to gain by this way of thinking as their happiness will continue to increase. I would personally like to thank Mr. Hamilton for enlightening me so that I may pave the way to the most fulfilling and exhilarating existence that I can possibly have.

It is an honor to be a member of the Neothink Society!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Twelve Visions Party, Prime Law will remove the ruling class, which will free the geniuses in our society and the price of everything will go down at the same time our buying power will increase making all of us RICH!!!

The world can be a better place with poverty being eliminated through the advent of the twelve visions party and its platform of freeing up society so that the government (elected by and the voice of the people )has one responsibility only and that of protection to make all individuals live without fear so they can initiate new values system without regulation and interference from so called


To: Mark Hamilton
Re: Neothink

I believe Neothink to be the future way business, relationships, politics, can be instrumental how we can achieve wealth throughout the world. This thinking at the present is little forward, but as the Volumes lay out (one of the concepts I personally identified with) is the notion of ‘Friday Night’ interests. Everyone has them, and the ambitious will pursue their own interests and eventually with hard work one can achieve what is real for them. As an architect, I am always pursuing concepts out of reach, but as Neothink has described, one achieves ones Friday Night interests whatever they may be. So the books, of pain staking research, and the teacher’s Annabelle forward awareness how she was able to take advantage of her pupils intellect and help them shape their lives and create in them that nothing is impossible, and hears how one ‘does it’. Thank you Mr. Hamilton. I do wish we could meet like minded people out there.
I hope my opinion of the ‘Works’, will assist your evaluation from whomever is yet to criticize. I received Mr. Wallace’s book the other day, looking forward in reading. I have a question; if Mr. Wallace is your Dad, then is Wallace his pen name? Jim G


Mr. Mark Hamilton & Neothink

Everyone is seriously concerned about the inability of past and present administrations to completely solve the economic problem that is confronting the United States Of America and the other Planetary Governments today! Mr. Hamilton has conceived a supremely ingenious plan of simplicity that absolutely promises to be the irrefutable answer to resolve this economic problem.
He has developed the Twelve Visions Party, which shall prove to be an historic landmark in the area of politics unprecedented in scope and magnitude.
It reduces the role of Government to that of a military protection only basis. The oppressive bureaucratic and ruling elements of government would be completely removed.
The Prime law completely ensures the reality of protection of every citizen’s right to live the life that they were intended to live free of any governmental harassment or oppression. The Twelve Visions Party ensures the absolute and total removal of a bureaucratic oppressive government.

THE PRIME LAW: { The Fundamental Of Protection} Preamble ” The purpose of life is to prosper and live happily” The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose.
The Prime law guarantees Those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property or contract.
No person, group of persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force or fraud against any individual’s self, property or contract.
Force is morally and legally justified only for
protection from those who violate Article One
No exceptions shall exist for Articles One and Two

The end result would be that Trillions of Dollars would be freed up. This money would be ear-marked not only for every USA citizen but for every citizen of any Nation on the entire PLANET!


Good day to all my fellow human beings. As a plain everyday common man, I have been studying and reading great literature from Mr. Mark Hamilton. The TVP And Neothink, Are not apocalyptic. They are age old secrets improved with science and knowledge. I no longer give up on life, nor do I hear voices or pray to statues. I spend my time in real time, even though my wife passed away suddenly a couple of years ago, I’ve never lost my grip on reality.

I hear everyday that my fellow Americans cannot make ends meet. And that they feel this country our forefathers and sons fought and died for, is turning communist. Many fear the radical religious movement turning us that way. Or killing us in the name of religion as was the case in 911.

Do you really feel this government made up of other humans who abuse their positions from serving the voters to ruling the voters really truly works? The separation of church and state? Do you feel the first amendment is being silenced somehow? Destroying the Neothink Society, the Twelve Visions Party, is destroying our freedoms as well. They are the only true way to avoid communism, and religious wars. I discovered there are no true religions on my own. Religions and governments work hand in hand as controlling entities designed to fund themselves through mans laws, and false beliefs and fears.

I have never felt such a relief in my life than to discover Mr. Hamilton’s works and fellow followers. Yes it is hard to break traditions passed down for centuries by loved ones. But if they knew the ultimate harms these cause to us, how upside down the world is,(good made to look bad, and bad made to look good)They would not have passed traditions such as these down to us their loved ones.

Believe that better days are coming through all these works, if you value life, freedom and prosperity, eliminating these great values will lead us deeper into recessions dogma and communisms. Truly deeply honestly, this is a good being falsely made evil, by those who enjoy the fruits of mankind’s labors life’s and loved ones with little or no efforts.

I deeply remember the days when police were there to prevent crimes deaths robberies. Now, they only investigate after the crimes. Something wrong here my friends? Cias putting computer chips into insect larvae to spy on us little cameras? Sound spooky? It IS! The only way to combat religious wars and unnecessary deaths there from is to come clean that all religions are false. That is why there are so many of them. They work with Governments to rob our monies boss us around. People we are voting away our freedoms. Every time a sound good idea is passed from some career politician in the name of helping us does it? No, it takes from us. As do taxes, being jailed or pay schemes. No, Mr. Hamilton is honesty. Honesty is the only thing above truth..We need to have our country, our lives our prosperities back and now. By stopping this man and his society of happy people, you are killing your chance to again be happy. And mine. Do not let Government or religious Zealots control us anymore. We are strong educated humans my friends. Think! we do not need more high priced self serving leaders per se. We need our earnings in our pockets, our streets safe. No religions trying to make us what we truly are not. Support the movement, you will preserve lives, happiness our children’s our futures and our hard earned money. Than you in advance. I know you will not let your children’s happy futures down. Joe W


Mr. Mark Hamilton good evening.

So far the things that I can say that are due to Neothink are small but are life changing.
I am on my way to not just have a job, but a meaningful life of work. I plan to make the full transition within a year from now. Amazingly I will be meeting with my first love from twenty years ago in Vegas at the end of October. She has the same strong love for me now as she did twenty years ago.

This is only the beginning.

Thank you Mr. Hamilton

Fernando De La Rosa


Mr Hamilton

I have just joined and am still reading your books. I am fascinated with everything I read..but I really don’t know what to say yet….any suggestions….

Mark Hamilton -Neothink society



Mr. Hamilton,

My name is Alexander Hamilton Wilson Jr.. My son’s name is Mark Hamilton Wilson.  I found it
interesting to note that your name is Mark Hamilton.

I especially want to thank you and the Neothink Society for the timely contact with me and
offering me the opportunity to be part of the Neothink Society. I have been very moved by everything presented in the Heirloom Books and especially the things that happened to Miss Annabelle, her twelve students, and those who she and her students came in contact with. I love to see, hear or read about the Triumph of the Human Spirit.

I am 66 years old and I am retired. I am having a difficult time identifying my Friday Night Essence and it bugs me. One thought that came to me yesterday was to try to remember my childhood years and to pinpoint what it was that I was told I could not do or what could not be done. I hate it when I hear someone say that to a child.

I have studied the Level one lessons and am now enjoying the Formula for Biological Immortality.

So much of what I read in the Heirloom Books generated in me responses of Ahah! When I read about the Immortal evolved Conscious Being bringing the necessary conditions about to create a new Universe and then saying ” Let their be Light “. I exclaimed to myself ” YES! “

I have been convinced for years that what a man or woman conceives of, he or she or someone
else will bring to fruition sometime in the future.

Lastly, I am totally enjoying your lessons and what has been reawakened in a man that thought he was in the end days of his life. I do not feel that way anymore. Thank you.

Thank you also for being my Mentor.

Alex Wilson



Thank you Mr. Hamilton to have chosen me to be an NEOTHINK SOCIETY apprentice.  I learn a lot through the 3 books and I must say as long I can remember I always believe that there is advances civilizations in this universe who possess the power of thinking, advances technologies to stop the aging process, cure all the diseases, better way of living and so much more, brief Paradise on Hearth. But meanwhile we have to survive and it is not always easy.  Of course I have my FNE I am dreaming about all the time but at my age 71 years old, taking care of my husband (he had a stroke in 2004) living on Social Security I wonder  how I can succeed without help.  I know there is a great potential of money involve and we can do so much good with that.  I work 53 years in my life mostly secretary raising 7 children who live far away, I retired last year following a car accident but I am willing to contribute the best I can to realize my FNE and I work hard to get back in shape.  Thank you.

Suzanne Rioux



Mark, thank you for taking me to the next level. The two tools tonight are priceless and I cannot wait to get to work tomorrow. I had already begun using the mini-day concepts and they have worked great. Now, I can spend the next month looking through the eyes of numbers to the essence of the business. Project Curiosity will be my motto. I have begun to use puzzle piece gathering techniques in my personal life as well and since last month’s level one session I have a job and have moved into an apartment this week. I still have to complete divorce court, etc. in Little Rock but know that all will work out quite well for me because I am a value creator. I am interested in hosting a Neothink Society Clubhouse meeting in my apartment and would love to become a teacher of the Miss Annabelle school of geniuses. I know that my Friday Night Essence is to create. Create miracles in the lives of others that will last for generations to come. Please continue to power think with me my future because I love the team work concept in making miracles happen. I want to be a major piece of the puzzle in the Neothink future. Show me how to be the best creator that I can be. Mr. Hamilton – again, thank you for seeing in me what I had forgotten. Thank you for caring so deeply for me and my family. My grandson Darrell Vayne Penn, III needs me and I must help my family to create. Keep lifting me up. Sincerely, Kimberly Joan Murphy (Holmes) PS: I now live in St. Louis, MO (my birth hometown). Miracles do happen when you create them. I have a strong mind and I am so very grateful for the Neothink Society. I see differently now. Bye!