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My name is Cheryl. I am a 4ft. 10in. 52 year old woman that is now a Laid Off Autoworker. For years I welded GM (General Motors) frames together, the Hummer’s, Colorado trucks, and Canyon trucks for the Shreveport, Louisiana GM plant.

I am an ordinary person just like you. My husband and I live in a small town (pop. 2,099) in Northeast Texas, in our doublewide mobile home on a 100ft. x 100ft. lot. Our children are grown and we have a beautiful German Shepherd named Zeus.

Throughout the past 25 years I have watched Corporate America tighten their belts by eliminating jobs in their workforce. Therefore, adding more work to the laborers, which includes me. And now, with all our jobs gone we have been totally devastated – no job – no health insurance – no home – now living with our parents or relatives – unemployment ran out- no money – no end in sight!!!

I am here to tell you there is an end in sight!!!

The Twelve Visions Party will “Make ALL Americans Rich, Including The Poor!”.

When I read Mark Hamilton’s literature it completely confirmed my beliefs!!! Mark Hamilton’s literature and the Neothink Society has shown me how to see through the Matrix Of Illusions that the politicians and regulatory bureaucrats have thrown upon us through their laws and regulations. They have been taking our rights away from us one by one and covering it up with their illusions through the media.

I Love the Democrats idea (original intentions) of tolerance, acceptance and protection of all races, religions and social classes.

I Love the Republicans idea (original intentions) of fiscal responsibility and limited government.

The problem is that our political parties replace their good original intentions with the thirst for political power.

The Twelve Visions Party National Platform is:

“Make ALL


Hi, Mark Hamilton! how are you today? I have viewed the literature, heard the radio messages, and seen your video on WWW.TWELVEVISIONSPARTY.COM. the information is brilliant! I have been inspired by the new information. I have also been going to one of your newest websites I am through 9 pages on the Twelve Visions Party – TVP national platform now. I just got through reading the part about James Hill and the railroads, and now in just a few minutes I am going to page 10. thank you for the supplements and new information on these websites! take care! Jeremy


Dear Mark Hamilton,
About a year ago I received a letter from Mark Hamilton. Little did I know at that time how much that letter was going to change my life.
Upon receiving that letter for an offer to purchase literature that would forever change my life, I sat on pins and needles waiting for its arrival. Once it arrived I sat down immediately and started to read it. As I read the first book it piqued my curiosity and I couldn’t read it fast enough. I found myself forgetting about the Internet getting rich gurus that were the only ones getting rich and not me and completely got involved in that first 1000 page book. After that first book I ordered two more books.
Thanks to Mark Hamilton he lead me to join the Neothink® Society. Since joining the Neothink® Society I have made many friends. These friends are in my state, in the country and yes even in Canada. These friends are integrated honest and loving people that realize the government is amiss and want to change that.
They realize the corrupt politicians with their spend all attitude of our money for their so called do good image is not helping America, but hurting America by running us financially in the ground. Shortly after joining the Neothink® Society I realized I had to help change this trend also.
I understand the need within me for my family, friends and the rest of the country to change this corrupt government and bring in a fully integrated and honest system of government.
The only way to bring this system of government in is through the Prime Law as an amendment to the United States . You can see the Twelve Visions Party® national platform and the Prime Law, plus much more, on the website. Adding the Prime Law as an amendment to the United States Constitution will end the corruption in the government which will bring in honest integrated value creating Business Men and Women.
The Prime Law is the foundation of the Twelve Visions Party® and the members of the Neothink® Society. As an amendment to the United States Constitution it will bring universal wealth, health and peace, which has never before been known on the planet. Thank You Mark Hamilton for inspiring me to become a Value Creator.
The media is controlled by a parasitical elite class. The news programs are to report news, and news is both positive and negative, is it not? I pose this question then to all, “Do you really believe that of all the news reported in the media the majority of it seems to be negative?” You can rest assured that when the Twelve Visions Party® starts to attract media attention there will be nothing positively reported. Those that take the time to research the Twelve Visions Party® and learn what they really stand for will know the other side. Those that blindly follow the media will only have the one sided opinion of the media.
AMERICA the time is now. Wake up before it is too late.
Once again, Mark Hamilton, thank You
Bruce D H



Having a business, I realized how important it was to track inventory, sales, receipts, and productivity of my employees.  Until being introduced to the Neothink Society, I didn’t have an efficient way to keep track of these important parts of business.  The Multigenerational Manuscripts provided me with a way to effectively diagnose how I was spending my time.  Then, I could put myself into a schedule to optimally perform.  I have learned to evaluate how one task relates to another, so that I’m not trying to inefficiently multi-task projects.  I take each task, as they come, within a block of time based on a certain criteria that makes my life easy and efficient.   My weeks are much more productive and mistakes are nearly non-existent.   This tool is taught in the Multigenerational Manuscripts of the Neothink Society.

Since I started using this one tool, I found time to write and publish my first book.  I have also put some of my thoughts to video.  My next book is nearly done.  I also love being part of the Neothink Society’s weekly conference calls.  I have met some wonderful people and I have learned the difference between: living a life of stress and discontent; and the life I am meant to live full of relaxation and pure love for myself and others.  I am also involved with the Twelve Visions Party (TVP), a new political party that offers success and freedom to the masses.    The TVP is supportive of the Constitution, and the National Platform offers opportunities and strategies for people to once again prosper and live happily, much like was started during the Industrial Revolution.  Mark Hamilton has not lost sight of the need for all to live prosperously, healthy, and in peace and freedom.  He is intelligent, has vision, fortitude, and honesty which are much needed in leadership today.   Please check out the platform of this new political party.  You may conclude this is the party which offers solutions to the ongoing problems in the current structure and is the answer for you personally.

I wouldn’t trade this new journey for anything else!  I am incredibly happy and am thankful I was introduced to Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society writings and meetings. His honest concern for others and his desire to help make this Country strong, once again, caused me to re-think where I was heading and how I was getting there.  Thank you, Mark Hamilton, for sending me an invitation letter a few years ago.  I urge anyone looking for a better life to join the Neothink Society and/or the Twelve Visions Party.