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Thank You Mark Hamilton
I would like to thank Mark Hamilton for the Neothink society and the Twelve Visions Party. I have done a great deal of research on Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society and I can honestly say that Mark Hamilton is honest and sincere. I believe that the Twelve Visions Party will show us the most positive and uplifting change in history. I would suggest doing your research and giving Mark Hamilton a chance before you pre judge him because of the media, ruling class and professional politicians. As a society we suffer from economic problems, war, crime, poverty, and more. I honestly believe the Twelve Visions Party can turn all of this around. If you really research the Twelve Visions Party with an open mind you will see the truth. I’m only asking you to think for yourself and to not let the media and ruling class think for you. I am so grateful for people like Mark Hamilton that have so much honesty and integrity in their heart that their willing to stand up against all odds and do the right thing. All throughout history people in positions of power and influence have tried to stop people with such great integrity and love. I say we support the Twelve Visions Party and change our course of negativity and destruction to positivity and freedom.
Thank You Mark Hamilton for standing up and having such courage. You truly are a hero.
Sincerely, Brian Whitney


Hello to all that reads this letter of testimonial to the Neothink society. Mark Hamilton and his father has been an inspiration to many people in this country and abroad. There is no anger, revolt or any sort of negativity what so ever with this system of knowledge. This is no cult or religious group, and only has a positive approach to many things in this world. This group of people can only create a better society for all of us, as an advancement into a productive and loving system. I highly recommend this system and what Mark Hamilton has tried to do. If some people who purchased the books were not happy with them, this does not make the Neothink system wrong in any matter. I have a masters in psychology, and I can speak from my own experience, that it wakes up the sleeping areas in some brains and gives self confidence to all. This always has positive and negative reactions as so does many things. There are many things in this world that can be dangerous and wrong for us humans, but this system is a product of each individual, not the system itself. In other words, it is the person themselves that react to a product, and it is them who makes it what it turns out to be for themselves and only themselves. I hope this gives a light into what is proposed. Thank you for taking the time to read – and be well to all…..David Brockway


My Dear Mark Hamilton, I hope that my testimonial was adequate. I am still “new” and haven’t finished reading all of the literature you have sent me. I’m 3/4 through, so I felt that I was familiar enough with the “bottom line’ about all you and Neothink Society have done for me and what our society is all about. As I go along in the book again (I want to start from the beginning and I am taking notes this time), I will be able to add more meaningful testimonials for you. I hope that every single member of Neothink writes a testimonial).

Mark, do not worry, you KNOW the negativity that worry can cause you mentally, physically and emotionally. You must not worry and you must remain strong and you can ride out any storm. It is best to be prepared for any dangers to come. But in facing a danger once, you do not have to live in fear (of what will happen). Do not let yourself or anything you’ve worked for be put in a cage of fear. You’re taking positive steps to face that fear head-on. You will not be defeated.

All bad things pass and time heals and kills all lies.



Since becoming a member of the Neothink Society, I have learned how to live the life I was meant to live, not as others dictated to me, but my best life , the way it was meant to be lived.  You see, I did not know that I could do that before.  I was always making sacrifices before, feeling guilty, if I put myself first, not anymore.  I take care of myself first, this way, I am well able to take care of others who demand my attention.  Also, I was an over-eater, now I only eat when I am hungry, and sometimes, I just forget, because I am too busy creating other things I enjoy.

I am a very happy person today, compared to before NEOTHINK SOCIETY, where I was always sad and depressed about something.  Now I wake up each morning ready to go, full of life and looking forward to the day ahead.  One morning, I woke up, and it seemed like their was nothing of the old negativity left in me.  I was free, free to live life my life, with nothing holding me back, ready to change the world for the better.  The things that I have learned in the NEOTHINK SOCIETY, is the best information, the truth, that makes you free.  I wish this for every-one, so that no one has to endure the boring, routine rut life that’s in the world today.  Peace and Love to all.

Germaine M.



Hello! I will keep this sweet & simple due to the reason you are obviously interested in knowing/learning more about us. It is my honor to tell you, that this is the greatest Society. If u have any doubts or questions, please take the time to read, learn & know what u can, B4 making a decision about us, due to the negativity of the officials, law enforcement & media. I know that if u take the time, Neothink can change your life 4 the better in every aspect. If u would like 2 better everything in your life, than I dare you, to learn what we know…!!!




I hope to see Mark Hamilton…

The  Neothink Society has lead my life from boredom, hatred, negativity, and confusion to better health, happiness, better relationships with my family for love and laughter.  I now have a total and complete turnaround of understanding life, and can learn the way I want to live.

When the twelve visions party happens for the first time, it will make so many people blissfully happy. Just imagine the love, trust, happiness, business booming, creativity, etc, with people finding their true self and becoming what they are meant to be on this wonderful planet.  That will be the day that the sun gets brighter, and the Earth gets ever so much more beautiful.

Thank you so much. I hope to see Mark Hamilton, the T.V.P. and the Neothink Society bloom into magnificence for the entire planet, so everyone can find there bliss.

Alan B.



Hello! I will keep this sweet & simple due 2 the reason, u r obviously interested in knowing/learning more about us. It is my honor 2 tell u, that this is the greatest Society. If u have any doubts or ?s, please take the time 2 read, learn & know what u can, B4 making a decision about us, due 2 the negativity of the officials, law enforcement & media. I know that if u take the time, neothink can change ur life 4 the better in every aspect. If u would like 2 better everything in ur life, than I dare u, 2 learn what we know…!!!



My  name is Steve. I am 45 years old. I have a decent paying job and have been current on a mortgage and living within my means for quite a few years now. It is important to me that I tell you this so that you will understand that I am not trying to sell you on anything.

A little short of 2 years ago I had the opportunity to study Mark Hamilton’s Neothink, and apply it too my life. As of this writing I am paying the same mortgage on the same house and working the same decent paying job that I was as when I first began studying and applying Neothink. Here’s the difference.

Before coming into Neothink I was a person who most of my waking hours was dwelling in a state of negative thinking. Everything I saw on the news, heard on the radio, read in newspapers was “making me feel bad”.  I was easily affected by the information that was being passed on to me in the mainstream media.

By adopting and applying a very simple and easily understood set of concepts to my life, I have come to a state of mind that is no longer encumbered by the baggage of unwanted negative emotions. Please understand that I am not trying to say that all is well in the world.  We all know that things are deteriorating rapidly. And we also know that sooner or later something will have to give.

However, when I go about my day ,  I solve my problems without worrying about what the things that are out of my control are going to do to interfere in my progress. I simply assess the situation apply some very simple principles and concepts to these problems, and have found that all the bad news I was hearing and all the negativity can only bring me down into a reduced quality of life if I let it. By being able to see things as they are and not as others tell me that they are, I have now come to attain a sense of self confidence and self reliability that makes me feel happier and more fulfilled now than I have ever felt in my life. I am beginning to realize my life’s dreams now. I also know that I have it within myself to live my dreams and increase my quality of life without interfering with the well being of others. And if I can do that then anyone can.

All we ask is that we be allowed to exercise our fundamental right to live in Peace. It’s a simple idea really. I will not initiate force, threat of force, fraud or coercion against any individual’s self, property, or contract.  I ask that you consider that simple primary law for a while. As near as I can tell it contains no errors. I honestly believe that on the day when we can all see the value in, and honestly apply that law in our lives, then that day will be then dawn of true Peace and happiness for all.