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When i was introduced to the SELF-LEADER SYSTEM,(Neothink Literature) I was temporal hourly rented worker at the baggage centre as baggage collector and arranger, at the Schiphol airport, Amsterdam. Then I started and applied Project Curiosity to master the nitty gritty details within my place of work, it moved me to became a permanent worker at the KLM, Catering Services as board supplier superviser in-charge of the complete aircraft until it departs to its final destination. From there, i began to apply the great self-investment plan, to invest in myself, with the integrated knowledge intact, i was able to capture my own business, one of the leading printing presses in the eastern region of Ghana(Amazing Grace printing press)Due to the NEOTHINK LETERATURE, Now, i am able to walk with my chest out and say EURUKA! I have found the way. My LORD MARK HAMILTON has offered me and my family what money can not buy. We do not know how to thank you LORD MARK HAMILTON for the wonderful kind gesture you have done for human-kind, what can we say? thank you LORD MARK HAMILTON for offering us the wonderful piece of NEOTHINK LETERATURE, to deliver us from the hands of the flaw-filled men.


I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere thoughts about the Neothink philosophy.


Just maybe, JUST MAYBE, Neothink is the answer to all my questions in life.

Just maybe if I read and absorb the Neothink literature honestly with an open mind, I will discover that I have found answers. But most importantly, listened to my inner being and rationalized in my mind that Neothink helped me find myself and I broke out of the bubble to look back in at all the insanity that plagued and poisoned my life and my mind, and I woke up! Neothink has been the ultimate blessing in my life, besides my wife and my children.

Without it, I would go jump off a bridge. Politics and religion have done nothing for me. Neothink has. Blessing to Mr. Mark Hamilton for providing me with the tools of Neothink, so I could breath and live again.


Mark Hamilton’s literature means to me I didn’t miss the boat after all


Thank you Mark Hamilton for opening my eyes to the world Neothink and the inside secrets to make this world a better place.


Hello Mark Hamilton,

I want to thank Mark Hamilton.


I Connie C Am a Mark Hamilton Partner, and an Active Neothink Member, and very proud of that fact!


Hello Mark,

I have read your Neothink literature daily for the past 3 months. I enjoy it so much that I recently bought a new computer so I won’t miss anything.

For me, I have noticed myself less stressful. My blood count has stayed up so I haven’t needed another chemotherapy treatment. That is a big plus for me.

My daughter who is a mural artist and noticed immediately more jobs coming to her when I started reading Neothink literature – a large plus for her.

My son also noticed changes, small but noticeable.

They tell me to continue reading as something good happens. These are benefits I never expected so each day there some small plus happens.

My favorite reading is Miss Annabelle’s Secrets. It is so uplifting and beautiful and brings home for the world.

Thank you so much.

Jeannie J


I really appreciate Mark Hamilton.


Greetings and Felicitations Mark,

In the past 6 months I have gone through the three manuscripts and the Pax Neothink literature.