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Mr. Mark Hamilton even though I am less than a year old in this new era I figure a great future ahead that will really lead the innocent into victory. Victory of happy living. As the love of new heaven, new earth and new life; that there will be no oppression and stress under this planet. Why hesitate to lunch this party. More people are looking forward for release from this scrupulous man made laws enforced on them. If you have no stand here then lets move to African continent for we are looking forward for such a move. Thank you for this kind of vision.



I will provide my testimonial in these short words.

1) Mark Hamilton has mentored me to help me discover who I am with Neothink Essence.
2) Mark Hamilton has shown me how to gain iron grip control of my life through Neothink Discovery.
3) Mark Hamilton has given me insight into the ills that plague our country and humanity through the multi generational manuscripts.
4) Mark Hamilton has given us the Twelve Visions Party that returns our government to protection ONLY!
5) Mark Hamilton is a loving and savvy businessman who knows what we need to do.
6) I only know of one man who has devoted his entire life to understanding and delivering to others the answers we all seek. His name is Mark.

All we have to do is stand behind this great man and usher in the new era of happiness, prosperity and peace.

My Request: Won’t you open your hearts and minds to new thinking that is Neothink? Won’t you do something to make our homes safer for your children and grandchildren? Won’t you join us in this creation of freedom?