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“Of mysticism it has often been said that it begins in mist and ends in schism.” Robert Masters and Jean Houston
Mark Hamilton and his literature has been and will continue to be a life-changing force for myself and my family. Since I have implemented his knowledge and words of kindness into my life, I have been a much better person, internally and externally. I am such a better person that others have asked me what this great change within me was. I told them, “Mark Hamilton’s books”, let them read his words, then stood back and watched the great changes within their lives over time. We all know there is good and bad in this world, and I have partaken in both sides at times. Mark Hamilton helped erase the negative emotions and all the second-guessing that my mind had within it. I am so glad that I am no longer “the victim” in this world and I have Mr. Mark Hamilton to thank initially. I, of course had to take initiative and actually care enough for myself and make the proper changes. It would have taken me all my life to decipher life’s meaning and how to react to it if it were not for Mark Hamilton’s life’s works. The message he sends is very clear-cut and I can understand how many people could have a hard time accepting the universal truths that are plainly written. If you have questions about life, the answers can be found with Mark Hamilton and all that his movement, The Twelve Visions Party (TVP), stand for. Life is meant to flow with more ease and comfort than the common lifestyle in today’s world, and this comfort can be found with The Twelve Visions Party. Mark Hamilton, Neothink and The Twelve Visions Party is not a hoax, it is a real and true thing that has changed many thousands of lives for the better. I know this because I have spoken to very many of Mark Hamilton’s literature owners. Many of these people are highly successful individuals, and have created new inventions that have changed the very way we live for the better, while others are people that we all see on tv and hear on the radio. Todays world can condition our mindsets in ways that steer us to absorb what is portrayed as the negative rather than the positive. Do not be a victim to this! The Twelve Visions Party, Neothink, Mark Hamilton and everything that he stands for is pure honesty that America and the world needs. All throughout time, man has been governed by rulers of their society for no other reason than to build laws against them that take rights and money away from the individual and their families. Look at what happened during the Salem witch trials. Innocent women were burned alive for living their lives in their own ways, at the hands of a judgemental authority who we now know was wrong. A clever facade was painted to the average citizen to think it was right to do, a facade painted by the rulers of that time.
We are still fooled by false laws that we are led to believe is right for us. The TVP will take away all the falseness and empower the individual and make every country in the world want to be on board America’s boosted and empowered economic growth. Great scientists around the world are owners of Mark Hamilton’s literature, they know it to be truths that are based upon rational laws of mankind. They are intelligent people with money and are an example that many people want the needed changes that The Twelve Visions Party will allow. I will personally testify that Mark Hamilton’s literature has been the greatest force of positive change to ever come into my life, and I have had many positive influences. The Twelve Visions Party will be that change for America and eventually the world. There is no force and an individual can live their life the way they see fit. Freedom will be in any area that you can imagine from religious views to any personal belief imaginable. I say thank you to Mark Hamilton and all that he stands for! One day, I know I will also see the world recognize the values that Mark Hamilton has brought to “THE INDIVIDUAL!” Respectfully, Chris A. Dailey


I wanted to take the time to reflect on what Neothink has meant for me for the several years I have been participating in the knowledge, techniques, and passion of others and a fresh new way of thinking. It really is not a new way of thinking when you read about the history of mankind. I think about people often saying they wish they could live in simpler times and that is just what these methods of thinking for yourself will do for you. You are reminded to think for yourself again, question the politician who do not contribute to society, except adding more and more laws that hurt the businesses, stall progress, hurt the economy by adding more red tape, wasting trees, bickering like kids and doing favorites for their rich constituents those who pull their purse strings. They have forgotten the little guy and the real creators, the businesses. The truth is we don’t need them, they need us to pay them for nothing off of the taxes we earn and while they contribute nothing to human man kind. To rid government of every agency except defense would alleviate our deficits, end big taxation and the many inundated laws that stall new inventions, much needed health cures. Free of all taxes and bureaucrats medicine would be sold cheaper and the economy would rapidly sore ahead. Our income would increase and everyone’s standard of living would rise like it never has before. You would feel the best you ever had because all the nonsense would be gone. Everyone is free to create good for others and raise your income as high as you want without politicians telling you how to spend your hard earned income. Think of the computer age that rapidly made it into the majority of homes, enriching your lifestyle and the cost getting lower and lower. Then when the government got hold of the computer industry with laws and lawsuits it slowed down growth. Imagine if we once and for all got rid of the red tape and only funded protection how simpler life would be for us all. We would end the democratic and republican party. the defense would be privately operating making it more efficient without big budgets and wasteful spending. The U.S. a leader in the world once again. The politicians give us war with other countries instead of peace for all man kind. Added to this the religious denominations that have always controlled the world so that they control you and how you think in a mystical god. Come on folks we need to wake up and put our passion into helping all man kind. Following good wholesome principals such as love your neighbor as you would yourself, do not hurt others and protect everyone. If we are left to think for ourselves for a change, all homelessness, mental illness, and mistreatment of others would drastically reduced because we would not be relying on the government to solve our problems. We would truly be a free world. I have worked with the miniday schedule and it really works. My only weakness part of human nature, part of the world we live in, is that I do not constantly day in day out follow through on my objectives. I thank Mark Hamilton for bringing many things to light. This is no cult, no religion, no branch of government, but only putting you back into the driving seat of your life and your families and making you a much more happier, richer, and passionate person for life and others. I truly believe this is the answer we have all been waiting for searching our lives for.
I once again, starting dreaming of the good things I would like to contribute to this world and government and bias religious sects out of the way the only person stopping my progress is me. I hope that whoever reads this will come away with some grain of hope, desire and love for all mankind.



Try this: Imagine something that you value. Imagine having more and more and more of that coming into your life! Imagine all of the good things that life has to offer you, all coming into your life. Not only do you see the incredible loving interactions, you also see new valuable ideas and new valuable products. Ten years from now there will be new inventions that you currently have NO IDEA that they could ever be available to you. Yet THEY ARE COMING! The Geniuses of Society are working right now to bring them to you!

I can hardly believe the incredible power that the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton’s Multigenerational Manuscripts have unlocked with in me! I can see all of these good things flowing into my life, and already I’m taking my life to the next level by working to bring YOU the FUTURE INVENTIONS as Fast as I can! I can hardly wait to show you the incredible things that I’m creating for you!

Consider joining the Neothink Society and its incredible Business Alliance – they will be the first to receive the benefits of what I’m creating -> they are busy creating incredible values for me and my family too! We’d love to help you take your idea to the next love!

I’ll see you sooner or later in the incredibly exciting, stimulating, enjoyable, and happy future that we are creating!

Love from the Future!