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Being a new invited member I have enjoyed reading the books and learning about the Twelve Visions Party.

Thanking you

Peter Simpson


Neothink Society new member, Jennifer Jeannero.

In 2008 I was hospitalized for three months in another state, from a head injury, similar to a bad stroke. I had been a contractor, barely making it, with no medical insurance. I returned home where I live alone, my family and close friends live far away. I was mentally, and physically devastated. Nobody was there to help me recover. My reasons for living were clearly fading fast.

Shortly after I returned, I happened to get Mark Hamilton’s brilliant literature. I didn’t know everything he wrote about. What I did know about, he was very accurate and truthful. I believe everything else I read, followed that accuracy and truthfulness.

Mark Hamilton had covered



At first I was amazed to hear that there are organizations endeavoring to close down the Neothink movement, and then I got to thinking – there are a lot of ignorant idiots in this world.

Although I am a comparative new member, I can see the good work you and your team are doing by teaching people to think “outside the square “and inviting others to relate their experiences and how Neothink has helped them with their problems.

I am looking forward to The Twelve Visions Party and find it difficult to understand why anyone should try to block its success.

Why people try to discourage organizations from helping people to improve their standard of living and make them successful is beyond me.

I hope you can overcome this obstacle and continue with the good work you are doing

All the best


Ian M