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I’m very new to this Way of life but it is a new way of life . I have been drawn in to what i feel can be a very rewarding life. I feel the world is crumbling around us and we need to step up to the plate and try to save our world. Our children have no hope for a future, if we don’t stand up for what we  believe.  Neothink  is really a wonderful movement. it brings values and purpose to the people. we have lost all our values. and we need them back. this is what the purpose is in my opinion. it can give you a sense of direction. with the media always finding bad. we need to look deep in our soul and find the good of this world and make it a better place for our children and there children. it isn’t just about us now. we need to help our future generation to find hope and peace. i believe we have it with Neothink. listen to what it has to say open your minds back up and feel the difference it makes you feel. Mark Hamilton Has a gift I hope you all see this special gift he has to give the world. I know I have Seen a difference in my life  thanks.



First off i’d like to thank MR. Hamilton and the Neothink Society very,very much for contacting me at a very crucial period in my life. My name is Arthur Martinez.I’am 58 yrs. old.I have a son, daughter, and grand-daughter that i love very much.I’ve missed some very important moments and times in their lives because of the way i’ve lived mine.I first recieved a letter from MR. Hamilton and the Society about 7months ago.So you see a’m very new to the Society.At that time i had been searching for a very long,long time for a door-way to a better way of life for me and my family!As it turns out that door-way is positively MR. Hamilton and the Neothink Society.To fully understand what i’am talking about you must read the litature of MR.Hamilton with it’s concepts and ideals.Some of these are obtaining Wealth,Health and Happiness for you your family and friends!! There is also much more.So in closing i would like to thank MR. Hamilton and the Society once more and i’am lokking forward to the up-coming journey very,very much. Respectfully, Arthur Martinez