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Hello Mark,

It is with great honor that I send this email to you to let you know the information that I have received has been most rewarding.  When I say most rewarding is the fact that somewhere in the back of my mind, the information turned on the light that I felt existed.  All the information was not new to me but reaffirmed that life does have true meaning and a chance to truly live. With Neothink one receives the opportunity to seek within oneself and find their God-given talents, not manmade duties. One receives opportunity to explore, and not remain in stagnation.  Although I am a newcomer and have not exhaled at this point, the information does enlighten my understanding of the world in which we live.  I truly support this information and hope to successfully become the person I am meant to be. The history provided seems so practical and responsible for the world in which we live in today. Ha, what a sad life.  If I can do anything to help enlighten or  increase the knowledge of the cause for our destruction and stagnation to man-kind and open the eyes of the innocent, so they will have a chance to live, I will be delighted.

Thank you,

Janet G.