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There was a time when I was at the lowest point in my life! I had gone through a career change; one from 20 years in uniform (US Navy) protecting this great nation and the Constitution upon which it based to one of “civilian” … seemingly lost in nightmare!
The first words from my daughter, the focus of my heart, were “Why did you come home? We don’t want you here!” Shortly thereafter, after 8 more years of struggling to recreate the family I once loved and cared for, I went through a divorce. The results: For the last 13 years none from my family has spoken to me, cared about me, or even entered my home. A lost life of loneliness, depression, and the loss of desire to even continue living consumed me. Like the old country song goes … “when you hit the bottom, go sideways! “ Well, I was tired of going “sideways” and wanted out of this situation, even at the cost of my own life.
Then, Mark Hamilton found me! I received a letter of invitation to check out the prime literature of the Neothink® Society. He told me I was “special”, and he could show me how to become the best I could be, and be a success in life (the life I no longer cared to even experience) and business. I responded to that letter and received one after another three large Heirloom books full of love, honesty, hope, and guidance; and it made all the difference in the world!
That was about four years ago. I anxiously read the material, and upon completion of each volume anxiously awaited the next; re-reading the prior one, until I had all three. I began applying what I read to my life, and saw things begin to improve, and developed the desire to experience life to the fullest, sharing what I had learned with others. I found my essence, my “calling in life” – to be a living example of his Miss Annabelle!
Mr. Hamilton began the Neothink® Society as an outreach to the world with these valuable secrets based on honesty and love. I was chosen to be one of his “300”, as he lovingly calls us, to begin this effort. When he launched the Neothink® A-Team businesses, I began the first one in the State of Florida. When he asked us to begin holding clubhouse meetings to bring others to this wonderful knowledge, I began doing so and now have six such clubhouses scattered around the state (and more to come). From there, I learned the principals of value creation through honest, loving business techniques (as taught in his book Secrets. My partner and I now have a potentially fabulous business concept to begin and turn around some of the problems of the world around us; an investment company based on the principals of Neothink® business.
I have also moved forward and become:
a. Coordinator of Florida Space Coast A-Team, LLC; one of the first 30 Neothink® A-Team businesses launched, and the first one in Florida, now with six branch clubhouses.
b. Founding member of one of the premier Neothink® businesses (Value Added Concepts, LLC).
c. A-Team Mentor/Coach for the states of Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
c. Charter Member of the Neothink® Business Alliance, promoting and aiding other business ventures built upon the Neothink® principals.
d. Co-Chair for the Florida State Twelve Visions Party – fighting to bring the US Government back within the guidelines of the Constitution and providing protection to the individuals of our country, allowing the geniuses to move forward in value creation and business building to bring health, happiness and wealth to all.
e. Co-creator of Neothink® Financial Services (awaiting approval), a private investment corporation designed to provide hope, happiness and comfort to the individuals and groups of the Neothink® Society and the world et al by building income streams, saving homes, and creating jobs and wealth for the individuals.
I have accomplished more in the last 4 years than I ever in my younger days thought was possible, all thanks to that moment when Mark Hamilton found me, showed me how to live and love, as he lives and loves, and become a value creator instead of a value devourer.
There have been many lies and half-truths spouted by the unlearned concerning Mark Hamilton, the Neothink® Society, and Twelve Visions Party. I am here to say … stop blindly following those rumors and lies, and search for yourself! Look at people like me, and ask “How did that happen?” There are hundreds of us across this nation who will tell you the same thing … I learned from Mark!
I am the honest, loving, value creating individual I am today because of what I learned from the greatest mentor I have ever met … Mark Hamilton! He is a genius of a writer, a mentor of greatest renown, a loving husband and father, and one who willingly gives of himself to see others develop and grow into Neothinkers and value creators! How could such an individual be the evil “Antichrist” that others picture him to be?
Mark: I am by your side 100% in Neothink® and TVP. Yes, I said “by your side” – you taught us not to “follow”, but to lead and build value! Thank you, my mentor, for bringing back to me the meaning of life, the reason to continue, and the hope of a bright, happy, and healthy future! The love you showed me I now return to you, and the world around me – 100-fold!
Charles “Doc” M


I remember getting that letter in the mail, that letter has change my life and open my eyes, mind and heart for the life I was meant to have. I was going down a street toward total destruction of my whole being, see I did not really care about what happen to me even though I have a loving, caring, husband and beautiful kids to take care of. I saw my life as an end in it self. I try to be happy but could never see me being truly wealthy in my emotion. I didn’t know what compelled me to open that letter that was meant for my husband but I did after reading it I was super excited than I have been for a while. You see with no money in the bank I persuaded my husband to buy those remarkable books. Those books are forever in my heart and mind for they change me, they shook me and woke me up from the nightmare I was in. You see now I could love myself more each and every day. I can take each and every day as a wonderful gift for me and my family. Thanks to MARK HAMILTON my kids and my husband have the greatest gift in life and that is for me to be the best me that I can be for them. I just want to thank MARK for making me emotionally wealthy. Now we are working on the financial wealth. Please when reading any thing on neotech please keep your mind and your heart open or you will miss some thing so wonderful. If you are reading this I wish you all the wealth ing every thing you do.