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From Gerry R
Capreol Ontario Canada
Good afternoon, fellow Neothink members. It is an honor for me to share my testimonial with you at this memorable Canadian conference. I would like to briefly talk about where I come from, but more importantly where I am now and where I am headed as a member of the Neothink Society.
I was born and raised in a Northern Ontario family of seven sisters and one brother. I am the eldest, and my brother is the youngest. We were fortunate to have loving parents, and their goal was to sacrifice their comfort, and work hard physically to get the best that they could for us with what they had. Like many families in the nineteen forties and fifties, we experienced tough financial times. And even through our financial struggles, our parents taught us to share and “put others’ needs ahead of our own”. Being tolerant of others, and respecting authority figures such as religious leaders and teachers, was our family code, even when it hurt. My parents’ modeling reflected that it was expected of all family members to have it in our heart to love and be ready to forgive our fellow man, no matter what wrong was done to us. It was also stressed that physical work, no matter how hard it was, was the only right direction in life.
I am the voice the Society has not heard allot of so far. This is my debut at “jumping in”. It is said that a habit starts out as a simple thought that we develop from the messages we receive from significant others, whether verbal or by physical example of an event (positive or negative) in our lives, that we record in our mind. When a new thought is recorded, it can be compared to a thread, which in its original new state is flexible and breakable at that point in time. Cutting or pulling can easily remove this new thread. However, when this “thread” is allowed to remain in our mind, it becomes tempered by our A/C life experiences, (in other words, this is how we get programmed), it grows and hardens and becomes a steel cable that holds us prisoner in the A/C world of dog-eat-dog and neocheating. Hence my instructions from the A/C society: “Don’t make waves and listen to authority because they know more what you need, more than you do.
Since my twenties, I lived with a tenacious feeling of not belonging most of the time in my work setting. I never seemed to “fit in”, and could not find any sustainable source of factual information that would offer me some answers to where I was headed in life. At that point, I went through a marital separation and divorce. My whole world was turned upside down and my life was chaotic from that disintegration. Three years later however, I met and eventually married my new partner and our relationship has survived the test of time to this day. My wife supports me in my growth with the Neothink Society.
For most of my adult life, fundamental questions about where I was headed and what I could do to improve my life continued to plague me. In answer to my questions I received my first invitation letter from the Neothink Society three years ago. I found that letter and subsequent ones very intriguing and I was somewhat skeptical at the outset. The message these letters relayed to me was that I have talents and capabilities I was not aware of. The letters further told me that these talents and capabilities would surface in time through nurturing from the Society if I would let them. I decided to accept the Society’s invitation for membership. It was at that point I finally discovered that yes, there is ‘something” more to life than what my present experience was. Accepting The Neothink Society’s invitation for a membership is the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.
Mark Hamilton supportively communicates to us and assures us that the answers to each our own life questions are all addressed in the Prime Literature. The most significant message I get from reading the Prime Literature is that it will allow me to grow in self -awareness. “Self-awareness is defined as having a clear perception of my personality, including my strengths” that give me some indication about my FNE. Being human, it also means I also have weaknesses that I need to acknowledge. Being aware of my thoughts, beliefs, and emotions allows me to identify and let go of my very own personal mysticisms. I can become an effective influence for others only when I become mysticism free. Self-awareness also allows me to understand other people, how they perceive me, from my attitude and response to them right now.
Having said that, I need to guard against assuming that I am completely self-aware at this stage of my growth, because self-awareness denotes the ability to experience events as I progress with the Neothink Society and develop the ability to clearly notice every nitty-gritty detail of my thought process of whatever event I am dealing with. This is known as “heightened awareness”. This requires persistence and practice on my part to develop the ability to see the pieces of my own life puzzles and integrate new opportunities through my thoughts, emotions, and conversations. Having self-awareness allows me to understand where my thoughts and emotions are taking me. It allows me to exercise Discipline, Thought and Control, (DTC). DTC gives me the power to act instead of automatically react to people and events.
As I indicated a moment ago, I went through a separation and divorce in my first relationship. Relationships are easy until there is emotional turmoil. This is the same whether I am at work or in a personal relationship. The Neothink relationship concepts have shown me that when I am able to change the interpretation in my mind of what I think of my personal and business associations, I can change my emotions thereby shifting the emotional quality of my love and other relationships. Having self-awareness enables me to change my emotions in my relationships, and that can open up entirely new possibilities in my life. Having the ability to empathize facilitates better personal and professional relationships. I have it in my power to exercise a choice; I can choose to be constructively helpful instead of being destructively critical.
Mark Hamilton also puts allot of emphasis on the importance of discovering my FNE. The Prime Literature tells me that I actually hold a blueprint for continual discovery in my brain as is true for each of us. Hence, in discovering the person I was meant to be will lead to living the life I was meant to live. My inborn talents are the tools I need to develop self-confidence to use to accomplish my life’s purpose. The A/C world places its expectations on us through rules and traditions, thereby stunting this discovery process. I have listened in face-to-face meetings and in many Neothink Webminars to many fellow brothers and sister giving an account of their progress in self-awareness as members. I am amazed at how easily and enthusiastically they tell us their story of how they have discovered the secret of their life blueprint. I have come to realize that reading the Prime Literature and interacting with my Neothink brothers and sisters will allow my life blueprint to unfold in its own, natural way.
It is said that one gets what one tolerates. I’ll be happy when…” was my thinking during my A/C life. I know now that happiness dwells inside of me now as I am speaking to you. Only the Prime Literature and the “Insta-Act” concept have the power to pump in sufficient energy to activate my internal everlasting motivation in this process. I only need to allow happiness to surface by thinking and doing as indicated by the Prime Literature which will resultantly lead me to value creation. So, the happiness part of health, wealth and happiness comes about if I know myself, what my true calling is, and that I will get in life what I tolerate. The better I am able to understand myself, the better I am able to accept or change what I must in me. Remaining in the dark about myself means I would continue to get caught up in my own internal struggles and that stagnation would allow A/C forces to continue to mould and shape me for their neocheating purposes.
I am now a Level 10, and I have read the three Heirloom Packages. This is a new time in my life. Human beings, I am told, tend to resist change however, for the steel cables of the A/C conditioning require a cutting torch fuelled with love and support from my brothers and sisters combined with persistence and my accepting the responsibility in reading the Prime Literature, and attending as many Neothink workshops as I possible can. In doing this, I am ever so conscious of my dissipating A/C programming that has held me back for most of my life. I am now able to recognize and work to let go of that sugarcoated A/C conditioning. It is my experience that the letting go process sometimes can be as tough as breaking through a cement wall. I need to remember that as I progress toward the Twelve Visions World, my old go-nowhere living habits are being replaced by health, wealth and happiness habits and because of that, I may feel unsure of myself at times until the integrations take place. With patience and persistence and use of the power thinking/mini-day team and as I develop sound Self-Leader skills, I will flourish into a life of creating values for myself and for others. I need to remember and never forget that it must always begin with me.
I thank Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society for saving my life and increasing my personal effectiveness to opening the door to value creation. From my perspective, I was immediately taken with the conscious choices I have in what I want to do at this point in my life, and how I can contribute to my quality of life and that of my fellow man. The impact of my choices in achieving the results I desire finally redirects my life to being the person I was meant to be. The Society’s model for successful evolution to the Twelve Visions World is truly life changing. Within three years, I have progressed through significant growth and integrations in my daily thinking and actions from being a devout church go-er in the A/C world and waiting to be given instructions on how best to lead my life, to growing as a self-leader. I still need to work on letting go of some of mysticisms every day; some are tougher than others. After reading and rereading the Prime Literature, I now long for the leap into the Twelve Visions World.
As I progress in the Neothink Society, through my internship and Self-Leader training, and in my association with my Neothink mentors and brothers and sisters, I am experiencing a forward movement to the extent that not only doors, but gates to never-before encountered to personal growth and business opportunities are opening up to me in an invitation to join my fellow brothers and sisters to work with you all, shoulder to shoulder, in bringing about the Twelve Visions World. Thank you to the Society for its many truly effective programs that steer me toward reclaiming my own authority and in believing in myself. Thank you to Steve F and Jeff H for your effective support to Canadian members, and thank you to Raymond D for helping to move me forward in the business direction. Thank you my Neothink brothers and sisters for being there when I need you.
I can now visualize in my mind that place in my life where I need to be and the blueprint to get there. That vision is becoming clearer day-by-day. I have come to realize that what the Neothink Society truly holds for me is that promise that I have to power to alter my destiny as well as that of my family and the rest of the world. I am finally arriving at that mental plateau of the person I was meant to be.
My brothers and sisters in Neothink, I remain yours in love and unity.