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I have been a member of the Neothink Society for about five months and I find it very interesting and useful. Although I do not agree with every point that is made I found the books very informative and motivating. I especially like Miss Annabelle’s story. I happen to own a fairly large all natural food company that has on staff health professionals that teach people how to live a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, diet and exercise. The CDC said in August of 2009 that if you follow 4 simple rules you can cut down your chances of getting the major diseases by 80%(cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc.) The 4 rules are 1) Do not smoke 2) keep your weight down to a BMI below 30  3) eat an all natural diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and 4) exercise 3 ½ hours per week. This is what my company pushes to help lower our client’s chances of getting the chronic diseases and help them live a longer healthier life.  My point is that your goal of biological immortality may be lofty and to some unrealistic but extending life and living healthier and longer is very doable and is even stated by the CDC. I have thousands of clients throughout the Southeastern United States that are currently doing it.

I also like many of the business ideas that the Neothink Society emphasizes such as the mini day concept and the mini company concept. I have over 100 employees and I try to make each one feel like they are part of the company not just employed by the company. In every case possible we try and motivate each individual by sharing the profits that he or she produces through their mini companies within our company. We have been selected as one of the best places to work by the Atlanta Business Chronicle and have been awarded two years in a row by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America so I know these ideas work. The concept of using your mind to advance at work and in life is simple but so often not done.  People have to enjoy, even love what they do to grow and expand their thought process to increase their value producing capability at their work in their life and to society as a whole. I also like and use the marketing concepts of breaking things down to the common denominators and using the forces of nature to get the best marketing results. I know this works also since we have been nominated for the MAX Awards(for excellence in marketing and innovation from Georgia State College).

Overall I believe the Neothink society to be very helpful and useful to anybody who wants to expand their horizons, Anybody can pick out ideas or concepts from any group that they disagree with but I believe the idea is to chose the ideas you embrace and expand your value producing capabilities It’s the old concept of “is the glass half full or half empty”. For anybody who believes the glass is half full the Neothink Society will be helpful and enjoyable.

Respectfully Submitted

Keith K