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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen.
My name is Michelle A. I have been a Member of the Neothink Society for 3
years now. When I first received Mark Hamilton’s Multi Generation Manuscripts I was going threw a really tough time, at that time. But by reading those Multi Generation Manuscripts… I over came my problem’s and figured things out for myself, I was deeply depressed. I was going through an abusive relationship, yes he is an alcoholic.
And the courts took my kids away illegally 18 years ago,and I still have not seen them since. I would like to give my greatest respect to Mark Hamilton for letting me see the light, and a complete look at what this government has done to people, without them even realizing it. And now with the help of the twelve vision’s party, witch I am part of! Thing’s are only going to get better than what people think they are, yes it is very hard to trust people, but what other choice do we have right now, none. This government has ruined every ones life.
The twelve visions party is our only hope that this world has, then we can turn around, the things that Obama has
done, if not things are only going to get worse, we cannot afford to let that happen.We will do everything that we
can to help every Man Woman and Child, to succeed in life. I love you Mark Hamilton and so do Million’s upon Million’s of people!

Thank You Once Again!
Michelle A.


Dishonest BIG BUSINESS has brought this Nation to its knees, because they were too Greedy. Now since President Obama had placed a couple of TRILLION into our Banking System, our Banks are just sitting on all that money gaining interest making themselves extremely wealthy.