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I am here to say that Neothink has been a part of my life for the past few years, and from it’s literature I’ve gained plenty of knowledge. I’ve learned a lot about myself and about this life in general. It taught me how to live a better life for my family and for myself. This literature encourages a better way of thinking and better standard of living. Trust that Neothink comes from a mind of geniuses who’ve shared with these special people, a wonderful gift that will be passed down to many generations, a gift that if used correctly will bring automatic health, wealth and love to those who read and appreciate this material. I am confident that Mark Hamilton will over come any obstacle that comes his
way. I am here for you as you are here for me .
Sincerely Yours, Simone G


Neothink is the future, Neothink beats every obstacle that exists on this earth, Neothink if persevered with sheer discipline and can lead anybody anywhere they want to go , I am Almas Nambabi an African born from the poor of the poor from a country that has a past of colonialism and the most racist system in the world ” Apartheid” until i discovered the life changing works of Mr. Mark Hamilton, and today I am free from initiative force and deceiving mysticism that has ruled the human mind for centuries. Do not buy what the mainstream media is telling you or writing to you, because in the end they don’t care a single bit about you or your affairs. The intentions of the Twelve Visions Party is all for the good and prosperity for humanity.
-Almas Nambabi



At first I was amazed to hear that there are organizations endeavoring to close down the Neothink movement, and then I got to thinking – there are a lot of ignorant idiots in this world.

Although I am a comparative new member, I can see the good work you and your team are doing by teaching people to think “outside the square “and inviting others to relate their experiences and how Neothink has helped them with their problems.

I am looking forward to The Twelve Visions Party and find it difficult to understand why anyone should try to block its success.

Why people try to discourage organizations from helping people to improve their standard of living and make them successful is beyond me.

I hope you can overcome this obstacle and continue with the good work you are doing

All the best


Ian M



Good afternoon, Mark,

I want to thank you for the Honorable Mention I have receieved for my submission for your logo contest – as well as the payment sent along with it! I admit, I am extremely honored to have had the opportunity to be involved, and to have had my submission considered so highly. It means a great deal to me…

Furthermore, I also want to thank you for keeping me “in the loop” regarding my status with our NT family. Your consistent communiques’ over the last two years during my “absence” has shown me that I am still thought of and considered part of the ongoing happenings. You have no idea how important it has been, and is, for me to remain with you on our quest to obtain the Twelve Visions World – even though I have been unable to be actively involved – for I have missed greatly the awesome interactions provided!

Though I have been physically absent for this (much too long) period of time, you should know that I have “been involved” in my own personal ways; and have not forgotten nor lain aside the important teachings and mentorship you so freely gave to open my eyes and start my life on a new path. I have, in fact, achieved a life-long goal during this time as a result! Ever since my childhood I have had the desire to write a story…a book…and present it to the public. I made the attempt a couple of times, but never did follow through – as I found “time” to actually be an obstacle. It was through your mentorship and eye-opening teachings that I was able to implement my mini-day schedule…and succeed! Not only that, but I was inspired by your own tale of Miss Annabelle, and also developed a faction story that is a “teaching tool” within itself. Even though the storyline is fictional (fantasy based), it brings to light many of the principles and values I learned from you. Actually, as with Miss Annabelle’s story, it builds itself more upon fact than fiction…with the basic structure lying within reality…and with the fantasy part as an intriguing “wrapping” to make the story more enjoyable.

As a “Thank you,” I would very much like to send you a copy. Please let me know where I can send it to, to get it into your hands. If, by chance you would like a preview, the following is a direct link to see my “product description…”

Here’s the link:

With this result of my achievement, I will soon have the ability to once again join with you and our NT family. As already mentioned, I miss the physical involvement greatly, and look forward with bright and excited anticipation to again being a part of this wonderful movement to bring the peoples of this world into the Twelve Visions World! Thank you, Mark, for the incredible enlightenments given to me and so many others. Your achievements are phenominal…and I am extremely happy to call you my mentor – and friend.

As always – I am your brother in the Twelve Visions World…

Dave “Buzz” McCulloch {Krystian Knight – psuedonym}

Author- …Comes the Light


As a Level One apprentice member and as I continue my journey!  I have never been through such a revelation in my life!  I feel strong, energized and most importantly very confident !  In reading this email I can’t help but to stand for what I feel is right and I don’t want anyone or anything to take that away!!  Mark Hamilton, you are incredible!  You have been great to me and this is just another obstacle to get over and with apprentices like me and the society we are here for you!! Stand for what you believe in and everything else will see itself through!             

 Orlando P