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First Of All I Would Like To Say This Testimonial Is Long Over Due. But Thank You Mark Hamilton For Providing Me The Opportunity To Experience The Neothink Mentality. It Has Really Become A Very Immense Value To My Life. I Have Been Able To Really Dismiss Mysticism Within My Self And Reject It In Others. And the More


Mark Hamilton has given me hope for a better life. My eyes are becoming opened to becoming the person I was meant to be. The Twelve Visions Party is the hope for America’s future with wealth, health, and peace. I see a better world where people are given the opportunity to grow together and succeed.

Kathleen Johnstone – Quincy


Mark I am very very happy to have found all of your information and I am reading through your platform pages I am for sure going to send you my testimonial but I do have some questions for you first why Hamilton-America not Neothink-America, second have you ever thought of the opportunity of two Neothink members running against each other for the presidency with Neothink winning and let the media and America do as they will with the Mark Hamilton name lose the battle win the war type thing, just curious, Mark neither of those questions were meant to be bad you are an amazing man with extraordinary ideas that I to have shared and never dreamed there was ever any one else who saw things in this way as soon as I finish the platform pages you will receive my testimonial



Thank you for helping me find my FNE and most especially, thank you for the opportunity to be able to share this value essence with my fellow Neothink family.
I will continue on your and our vision for the Twelve Visions World and, always will be available all the way
to helping move our society forward towards achieving your and our set objectives/goals

Thank you Mark Hamilton  

Michael Odita


The Neothink Society has completely changed my life for the better and it just keeps getting better. I can’t thank the author of these invaluable, priceless, multi-generation manuscripts, enough. I only wish that the whole world would be smart enough to read them and put these priceless jewels to work for them. It’s so amazingly simple yet so many people out there have not had the opportunity to read these masterpieces for themselves. There is nothing out there like this. I hope eventually these books land in hands of everyone in every part of the world.
-RG (Tri-State A-Team of NJ)


Mark Hamilton and his writings have changed my life! I have an amazing hope now for our future! His writings are coming to life, not just within my own personal life, but within our political structure as well, specifically with his creation of The Twelve Visions Party. “Make all the people rich, including the poor!” This is the 3rd party’s platform, soon to be “The” Party! It is an honor to be among those that are helping to make our world a better place. It has always been my quest and I now have the opportunity to become a part of this living story of Mark Hamilton. I am almost 50 and am looking forward to my 70’s! Wealth, Health and Peace is the promise! These are truly exciting times!


Mr. Hamilton,

Let me start by saying thank you.  I am very grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of such an organization.  This is a once in a life-time dream.  It is not often, that everyday people get the chance to converse with people who are shakers and movers.
The Neothink Society has allowed me to think outside the box.  I now realize that all my dreams can come true.  I am reading and gaining knowledge on how to succeed and live a life beyond my wildest dreams.
I will continue to learn and grow.  Thank you again for this life changing opportunity.

Anthony S



How is it that once I started reading Mark Hamilton’s incredible Multigenerational Manuscripts that I have discovered literally hundreds of new opportunities!?!?! It’s like every where I look there is something new and exciting for me to learn more about or discover or participate in! The Neothink Society is absolutely amazing! Come and Play with us!

Yon Cole



I’m grateful that I can say what a great value the NEOTHINK Society has been in my life with the publishing of the Neothink manuscripts have been in my life and that of my family.  With the coming of the Twelve Vision Party, just maybe we can get our people elected to office, and get our country turned around to the way it was when our founding Father’s first paid the price for our country’s, Constitution,& Declaration of Independence & Bill of Rights. That they wrote for our Nation.
The thing I have learned from reading My NEOTHINK manuscripts is that I can become and have whatever I want in this life.  I thank-you Mark Hamilton for allowing me to join the NEOTHINK Society, providing me the opportunity to find my Value that I can be to the NEOTHINK Society And to those care about life. That’s what these manuscripts, have taught me about who I can become, and have in this life.  I thank-you for inviting me to-be a member of NEOTHINK Society, I have You to thank My friend, And I’m honored, To associate with other people of like mind.
I know what it’s to be shunned from life, I Thank-you for giving me my life back and excepting me as your friend and value to our NEOTHINK Society.                         
Sincerely Your Friend
Wells M



Thank you so much for the opportunity to live a good life, to be my own person & to understand more what life is all about.

You have given us all a reason to live, to work & to go to the C of  U.

I wish everyone could realize what it means to live in an honest, kind, & decent world with no force from the government or anyone.

You have done a brilliant piece of work with the books & they will be used for years to come.

I haven’t been able to do a lot in the society, because of my eye sight hopefully in the future I can do more than just listen to all the calls.

Mr. Hamilton, could you please send me the levels 6 & up. I don’t know why you stopped with them Customer service couldn’t help me since you stopped them. You never answered my mail. Guess you didn’t receive it.


Peggy L.