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Mr. Mark Hamilton even though I am less than a year old in this new era I figure a great future ahead that will really lead the innocent into victory. Victory of happy living. As the love of new heaven, new earth and new life; that there will be no oppression and stress under this planet. Why hesitate to lunch this party. More people are looking forward for release from this scrupulous man made laws enforced on them. If you have no stand here then lets move to African continent for we are looking forward for such a move. Thank you for this kind of vision.


Before I was introduced to Neothink I was a wandering sheep, my thinking has change so much that now my life is moving in a different direction there was so much knowledge in those three heirloom books my wisdom and knowledge went to a different, Mr. Mark Hamilton I really like the fact that you are the only person on planet earth who is willing to take this step to free us from this oppression and this out side authority who is always telling us what to do and how to live our lives I dream of the day when we are free from these parasites I will travel with you on this journey to the end because my future and my family future is depending on it your way is the only way and you will succeed i wish you the best of luck on your journey.

Best wishes



My name is Mike C here in CA central Valley.
My testimonial is this… I was deep in stagnation as well in mysticism.
back in late 2004 I encounter with Neothink I received your invitation to
be part of this society.
well as an old man with a traditional “believes” well rooted into my
psychic. I decide to get inside I order the first orientation pamphlet.
Then I ordered the first heirloom for me is (priceless) information
I ordered the second heirloom…… that was my turning point.
that book specially the SECOND INSIGHT opened my eyes!!!!
Mr.Mark Hamilton I am 100% with you…. because where else can go
is nothing up there but irrationalities, cruelties and oppression
I am 64 year old virtually blind.
I believe in you Mark I believed in your dad Mark Hamilton. This a
historical DAD the dawn of freedom for all of us and eventually for
all humanity.
“GO” FO IT” Mark you wll have my 100% support.
sincerely Mike C


Throughout history, mankind has been put in situations that forced change. It started with consciousness. When we were able to say I am, that is when we began to understand our power to change our situation. We developed the ability to control fire, invented the wheel, and eventually we learned how to fly. Mankind changed from being controlled by nature, to being able to have some control over nature itself. We have the power to create a world how we see fit. We can unite to create peace through love or we can separate and start wars because of fear. Throughout history we have faced the choices to go one way or the other. Somehow, we ended up here. We will continue to face crossroads. Slavery in the late 1800’s forced us to decide. Oppression and genocide in the early 1900’s again forced us to decide. Today, we are faced with a less clear decision. Our government has been deceiving us through a controlled media. They have been coercing us and trying to steal our rights. They have been suppressing us using a monetary system that they control with the Federal Reserve System. They are doing all of this in such a way that the average american is unaware. Slowly but surly, they are attempting to take away that which america has always stood for. A government for the people and by the people must be re-established. The choice that we must face today is just as relevant as slavery was in the late 1800’s and genocide was in the early 1900’s. Today, we face a dying freedom to be that which we are. We are being forced to open our eyes, the eyes that have been shut by a political and social spell that has been cast by the elect. We need honest people to lead this country. The Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party represent a nation of true Americans who want to bring fully integrated honesty back into a government for the people and by the people. We are the revolution! Together, change is possible!