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Hello Mark Hamilton,

I just want to take a little time to tell you what the Neothink, and Twelve Visions Party has meant to me this far. I have only been made aware of this awesome organization for a short while now. However my involvement


Hello Mark Hamilton

First and foremost, I want to thank you so very much for


Dear, Mark Hamilton…..I wanted to tell you that I enjoy being part of your organization, that has inspired my life in all aspects. The books you sent me have given real value to my life to produce and create those desires and dreams of my own heart. Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party have set the strong standards to help understand that there truly is a way to deal with altruism, mysticism and non value producing individuals . I’ve learned how to deal with people in a new and more efficient manner. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate everything


I Jacob E. Naasz would certainly not be as successful as I am today if were not a part of this wonderfully eye opening greatness of an organization known as Neothink.
Neothink has opened dimensions of ways of thinking much like being able to calmly and consciously think about a few completely different topics at the same time and come out with great conclusions to those topics in the end.



I am somewhat new to the organization. I wanted to tell you and the world as well as the Universe that I am so happy and delighted to be a member of such a kind, warm-hearted, and compassionate organization. I have purchased the series V1- V6. I am 1 book down out of 6 due to time restraints. I am pushing ahead with my education and reading during this time.

I was baptized Catholic and raised most of my young childhood years in Christian churches. I now see how I have been blind, brainwashed, and dumbed down by these mass controls of man throughout man


Dear Mark Hamilton, I want to sincerely thank you for changing my life for the better through your organization and literature. It has all been a blessing to my life. J.D. New York



No one can stop us from doing the things that are in our minds.  They do not realize that our mind can counteract anything that anyone tries to do against us. Also the words of our mouth they cannot control. We need to be positive in everything we think and every word we speak. All we have to do is AGREE that we will NOT be bothered by anyone, that we are FREE to study anything to our hearts content. I cannot believe that this organization is upset over this situation. We are stronger than these people of the world that have not studied the things that we have. They are so ignorant to the power of the mind and have no idea how powerful the mind can be when used in the right way.  Someone pick out a day and a time and let everyone know when it will be, and we will all stop what we are doing, and use our mind to AGREE that these people will completely forget about our organization. You think I am kidding?  I have seen this thing happen before.

Janet C. R

P.S. PEOPLE through the ages have all written about the POWER OF THE MIND. WE just have to BELIEVE.


My comment:

I first came upon the literature in 1996. I was very impressed with the research and the organization of the knowledge. The powerful business methods described have increased my business knowhow. I am very pleased with the new insights that I’ve gained.