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My orientation on value creation took a major shift last night after reading more of Mark Hamilton’s incredible Multigenerational Manuscript! I decided right then and there that I HAD to do something that was valuable, and I HAD to offer it to others at a price LESS than it was actually worth! You should have seen the excitement when I showed what I had done to my web development client! She is THRILLED! And I feel INCREDIBLE! I am learning so much from this experience! And it was Mark Hamilton’s writings that inspired me to trade in my TV time for my creative passion! I can hardly wait to get back to building that incredible website and learning all of the new tools that I’m discovering!

Mark Hamilton, you really have created a master-piece! Your writings are the most motivating and inspiring that I have ever read!

Yon Cole


My Mentor

First I want to thank you to have accepted me in your society since may 2008.

I use to read wonderful success from others members.

I believe strongly about everything written on the mails that the society have sent to me, especially my orientation book which mentioned  my gifts and will help me to unleashed them .

I have all my hope in our society.

Truly the society take off on my face a thick veil  and make me stronger in belief on the society .

But my testimonial would not be reduce at that point.

Please i am waiting for the enmeshment of my gifts and the realization of other promises on the books to complete my testimonial.

Thank you to take your precious time to read my message

Your apprentice Messanh