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Mark Hamilton and Neothink was the answer to my prayers’ Mark Hamilton and Neothink changed my whole life for the better I had no control of my life I always seemed to fall victim to nature all the time bad things always seemed to happen to me beyond my control I hated my life and who I was, I was even thinking suicide. One day I was praying to God for Divine Guidance and wisdom I asked god to help me change my life for the better. But since I have become Neothink my whole life has changed I no longer hate who I am or my life the Neothink helped me break the grip this earth had on me. I am no longer bond to this earth their spell has been broken they have no more power over me I am no longer a victim of nature and I thank God for the day I became Neothink, The upper ruling class who told me they hate me and that they want me to kill myself because I am going to send 5 billion people to hell by fulfilling Neothink agendas I have been verbally attacked by the upper ruling class and physically threatened to bee beaten by the upper ruling class. I have hard Mark Hamilton and Neothink mentioned on TV plus the Radio I also hear that someone is coming and that they are trying to figure out how to introduce them to America sometimes I wonder if it is Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society or the Antichrist like I hear some people say I also hear some people say that Mark Hamilton is Jesus Christ the messiah. Mark Hamilton does kind of look like Jesus with a haircut and sun glasses on someone told me one day. I don’t know I cant see the whole picture yet I have nothing but respect for Mark Hamilton and his paradigm shift plus the TVP for his literature and his ideas has changed my whole life for the better, May God bliss Mark Hamilton and Neothink Society and my Mark Hamilton and Neothink Society overcome this obstacle
Mark Duenas


To whom it may concern:
The Neothink Society is dedicated to exposing the Neo Cheaters of the world who have suppressed free thinking across the planet for centuries. Attempts to discredit the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton will be viewed as nothing more than Neo Cheating from “The System”. Many forces are at work and significant momentum has already begun to expose the Neo Cheaters. Clear thinking is a must for our society and humanity.
Initially, I purchased original manuscript for entering the Neothink society in the late Nineties. I have watched and waited to see the progression which is currently underway. A critical mass has formed and no amount of deception will stop the movement.
Members of the MSM have already been defrocked in many ways. Mark Hamilton’s continued efforts to open the eyes of so many will not go in vain. My life has not been so much changed by the writings of Neothink as much as it has been validated to know that I am not alone.
The movie “The Matrix” and it’s popularity, are a testament to the rumblings occurring in the culture. The system has been designed to “enslave” all humans and to use them as an energy source.
That system is breaking down due to it’s basis on greed and power lust. As this order crumbles, a new system will rise from the ashes. Since there in no “New Frontier” to colonize, it will happen here and now.
Much support exists for this Mark Hamilton’s movement and all attempts to thwart it will fail.
Keep up the good fight Mark Hamilton and all members of the Neothink Society. This is the Clash of the Titans. May TRUTH PREVAIL!!!
Jim J
P.S. Since the PTB (powers that be) seem to like to use their power to suppress, let it be known that incarceration, monetary punishment, and/or any other devices used by the government will not stop what is already in motion. The the Twelve Visions Party will usurp the career politicians futures and the paradigm shift will continue.


The Twelve Visions Party® time has come…

Today’s Political System is Failing

I defend and now claim my future by supporting, living by, and helping to implement The Neothink® Societies Twelve Visions Party®. The Neothink® Society, through its Twelve Visions Party® will cause a paradigm shift in psychology that empowers the conscious mind to nullify religious-and-political dishonesties, irrationalities, and criminalities of the past, present and future while unfolding a business/science/art civilization here on earth. The present political system, either liberal or conservative, Libertarian, Communist or any other denomination, is failing. The world’s political systems are approaching chaos. A new, honest, and effective, reality based approach is needed, both in our country and worldwide. Therefore, ruling-class power must be taken out of the hands and control of man.

Freedom and prosperity throughout history suffered when man created, interpreted, and executed the law. On the other hand, freedom and prosperity throughout history soared when man was removed from the political and bureaucratic controls. Our own country soared when we largely removed the rule of man (ie., removed a monarch with our U.S. Constitution).

To complete the evolution into universal prosperity, the power of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches must be taken away from the opinions and agendas of flaw-filled man and put into a flawless Prime Law®.

Let us now introduce a new grassroots political party with the sole objective to remove man from creating, interpreting, and executing law in order to make all people wealthy, including the poor. The name of this new political party that removes man from governing – removes the corrupt ruling class – is the Twelve Visions Party® (TVP®).

Politicians, lawyers, judges, and bureaucrats – flaw-filled creatures – controlling our laws have caused the steady erosion of our beloved freedom and prosperity. The flawless Prime Law® permanently removes flaw-filled man from subjectively creating, interpreting, and executing agenda-law and ego-justice. Law and justice must now adhere to protection only – the one and only proper purpose of government. No longer will flaw-filled politicians, lawyers, judges, and bureaucrats control our laws as, instead, the Prime Law® will control our flaw-filled officials. Perfection will control imperfection.

The result of removing flaw-filled man from controlling a government on the offense will be universal wealth, health, and peace. We will have a flawless Prime Law® of Protection controlling a government of protection and controlling its flaw-filled elected and appointed men and women. Law creation, law interpretation, law enforcement will be held to protection only. Agenda-law, ego-justice, and irrational political-policy regulations will vanish, setting free business and technology to do to all industries what they did to the relatively unregulated computer industry.

That scenario is not a hypothesis; prosperity explosions have occurred among civilizations throughout history by removing flaw-filled man from the controls of government, removing agenda-law, ego-justice and political-policy regulations and law enforcement. In fact, our country is one example of such an evolutionary leap from a man controlled monarchy to the nearly flawless law-controlled republic. Of course, a great prosperity-explosion followed the creation of our country.*

*2009 Copyright Mark Hamilton

Over two centuries later, the Twelve Visions Party® now gives us an opportunity at the next and final evolutionary leap that completes the evolution away from flaw-filled man-controlled government to flawless law-controlled government.

The Twelve Visions Party® recognizes and captures this opportunity for all people alike…including the poor and the elderly. The Prime Law® results in universal wealth for the first time ever on our planet; the next evolution of freedom will bring all Americans a wealthy, healthy, and safe life.*

Therefore to improve my life and the lives of all Americans and eventually all honest people living on our planet, we need to change not only our dishonest leaders but our failing political system. The Twelve Visions Party® arm of  The Neothink® Society is the vehicle to achieve this needed, reality based honest change…

Accordingly, I and other Neothink® Society members believe and will actively work towards achieving, through the Twelve Visions Party®, the one and ONLY valid purpose of government

- PROTECTION against initiatory force, coercion and fraud…

Any other purpose ultimately depends upon initiatory force, which takes away our freedom and, therefore, our prosperity…

The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily.

The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose.

The Prime Law® guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property, or contract*…

Therefore, The Prime Law® is:
-Article 1: No person, group of persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual’s self, property or contract.

-Article 2: Force is morally and legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article 1.
-Article 3: No exceptions shall exist for Articles 1 and 2. *

The Prime Law® determines the creation or lack of creation of new laws, not man with his endless opinions, agendas and faults. The fundamentals of protection – Prime Law® – determines the interpretation of laws, not man with his endless egos, selfish ambitions, and many human flaws. The Prime Law® determines the execution and enforcement of laws, not man who is drawn to intoxicating power, rampant dishonesty, and a capacity for evil.

When the Prime Law® removes man from creating, interpreting, and executing law, something amazing happens: the heavy and corrupt ruling-class of man comes off society. In that new freedom, society and technology will soar.*

*2009 Copyright Mark Hamilton

  • Our country and the world, as a whole, are heading in the wrong direction.  The human race today is under threat of (1) a global debt liquidation, (2) losing the world war against terrorism, and (3) possible physical extinction… Will today’s Earthlings discover in time their conscious-mind nature to liberate themselves from today’s self-destruct, political/religious anticivilization ?  Will they discover their conscious nature as that of competitive value creators who benefit every conscious life, everywhere ? Will they liberate themselves by unleashing the business/science/art dynamics needed to achieve ever-increasing prosperity, non-aging health, and never-ending beauty ? *
  • The Neothink® Society is attempting to answer these questions and The Twelve Visions Party® is the actual vehicle to implement  many imperative societal improvements, necessary for a better world.
  • I recognize this and myself and most other Neothink® Society members are now actively working towards achieving such honest, peaceful, positive, reality based change, without any  bogus “assistance”  from any outside, “external” authority, political, religious, or any other. The logic of  The Prime Law® is obvious and the results, when implemented, will be irrefutable. Let’s make the world a better place together now, before it’s too late !

Tom Kleinstuber– Salt Lake City


Dear Mr. Mark Hamilton,
My family and I are extremely excited to have been acquainted with you, the Neothink Society and  the Twelve Visions Party(TVP). We want to thank you very much for the knowledge we have acquired from you. We also want to let you know that because of you and your literature, we have had a paradigm shift and   our lives will never be the same again.
We are proud of you Mark and we will not hesitate to let the world know that your ideology, your philosophy, and your principles,  are clear manifestations that you are a gentle man with integrity. You are a gentleman with the sense of duty and determination to create SOVEREIGNTY, WEALTH, AND FREEDOM for all Americans.
Mark, my family and I have also come to the realization that you are a devoted gentleman with the hope to shine your inner light on those in need. Thus, my family and I are loyally ready to work with you and the Twelve Visions Party (TVP). Together, we can extricate the rest of humanity. This is our mission and we will accomplish it.
My family and I are proud to tell the world that among other values, the success of the Twelve Visions Party will eliminate  dishonesty and thus promote peace and tranquility among humankind. The Twelve Visions Party will give mankind the opportunity to live the lives they were meant to live.
Unfortunately, the silencing of Mark Hamilton, his literature, and the Twelve Visions Party, will mean a CONUNDRUM for my family and I, our loved ones and the world at large. Therefore, I want to remind my fellow Americans that,  “bad things happen when good people do nothing”. As such, my family and I are hopping that every good American will help clear a path through which Mr. Mark Hamilton can emerge along with the Twelve Visions Party (TVP), never to be stopped again.
Thank You Mr. Mark Hamilton, thank you everyone. Long live the TVP.

Sincerely yours,
Tony Charles