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My personal experience with neothink has lifted my mental and physical capacity beyond anything I could have achieved without the help of Mark Hamilton, he is an inspiration to the work I never would’ve begun if it weren’t for the new honest paradigms presented in the TVP. Each vision in this political party can be realized in our beautiful country yet we must learn to see past the initial faults to the underlying truths of what is happening within the neothink society, everyone in the society has come up with life uplifting values and ever dropping costs to lives essentials. I am an artist so when I’m asked how does a business platform based political party benefit the little guy? It is easy for me to express that my feelings on such a topic as a narrow minded viewpoint such as ‘only successful affluent business persons benefiting from the twelve visions party’ is the initial flaw that skeptics seek in order to refuse such a platform, however it is my understanding that even an artist can succeed by receiving the much needed professional training by arts leading talent at ever lower costs and with much higher intensity than ever before. Indeed the twelve visions party is ultimately good for all including the downtrodden and underprivileged since the neothink society and Mark Hamilton have proven to me that the little guy, myself included, can reach new heights with the values and benefits available in this society of Neothinkers. I have experienced untold growth as an artist in an emotional sense due to the insights revealed by Mark Hamilton and other members of the Neothink society.
I am here to tell you about my experience with Mark Hamilton’s literature. I feel it is the most informative, informational, and most honest and true writings you will ever read. I have had the privilege to be introduced to his writings. I am looking forward to living a longer life full of opportunity for a strong financial future, and lasting love. The TVP movement would mean a better life for my family now and my children’s children in the future. The TVP movement is pushing toward a better stronger future for the entire world not just the United States. I strongly urge anyone to get Mark Hamilton’s literature or literature on neothink it will only better your understanding on the world around you. I look forward to more of Mark Hamilton’s writings for he is a genuine genius of Society.
Neo-think is the most profound life changing material
on earth.
I honor Mark Hamilton and his life work. Neo-think will
save the planet.


My Testimonial
Twelve Visions Party, (TVP) what it mains to me!!!
It mains Stronger Faster Better and Smarter the literature makes me to do over my life, Bake in the 1979 I graduated and got my diploma “Special Education diploma” I thought I could not do nothing at all in my life And in 2006 I got the Twelve Visions Party, literature and that changed my life forever cannot go bake!!! To my old life!!!….
I’m Stronger Faster Better and Smarter the literature did it for me!!! I’m happier!
The Twelve Visions Party (TVP) is “Stronger Faster Better and Smarter “I’m in the (TVP) New York State I’m vice chairman for the (TVP)
I purchased my first NT book in 1986 and it was one of the greatest values I have ever received and because of that I purchased everything they sent me. Mark Hamilton and the TVP are my heroes.
With the NT matrix I learned where the source of all destruction comes from and why, and most importantly where all values come from and why.
NT showed me the cause and effect relationship between things and why things were happening the way they do. I started to realize that everything was working in perfect relation to the paradigms that we were adopting. The people who harmed themselves and others such as in 9-11 were acting in perfect harmony within their own existing paradigm.
But think about when you make a mistake or cause an error in what ever activity you are doing what is the source? The source is coming from a wrong premise or paradigm and an error in judgment causes a problem where none exist. Yes anytime there is a destructive action you can always trace it back to the wrong premise it came from.
Again people react and respond perfectly within their own paradigm but what if the paradigm was not true or an illusion we would then see problems surface where none exist.
Paradigms are made up of language a story that we tell ourselves. The people who are born in Afghanistan what language are they being taught what matrix are they born into?
If those terrorist who crashed into the world trade centers had the honest NT material and understood it, think of lives and destruction that would be saved including their own. For then the terrorist would understand that you can not exit by bullying, forcing or manipulating people but by building values for yourself and others. Also when you are a creator of values you build self-esteem and self-happiness.
We all are guided by our own language but what if the language is not honest or valid for our health and others? NT not only identified the source of most problems but is the cure. Consciously putting reality or facts into relevant context builds an honest picture to act upon therefore you are building an honest language. We are constantly controlled by language but what happens when it is not honest or conscious?
Like a scientist wanting to know the source of pain and destruction NT revealed that to me.
Mark Hamilton through his genius work gave me the tools to create happiness and prosperity in my own life. Because of Mark Hamilton I have been running my own successful business over 14 years now.
With the laws of cause and effect Mark Hamilton’s work has proven time and time again that it is the cause of the existences of growth, prosperity and happiness.
With the condition that the world is in right now we need an honest conscious language to guide us and Mark Hamilton has stood for that. The meaning of Mark Hamilton and the NEOTHINK SOCIETY of achieving their goal is the source of value itself.