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    It is with great honor I present the following – my own heartfelt feelings concerning the astounding and wonderful values I have personally attained as result of the enlightening and monumental gifts of knowledge given to me from Mark Hamilton. It is through his literature, personal “teaching’s,” and my involvement in the creation of his Neothink society, that my most recent accomplishments in life during the last three years have brought the extraordinary values and positive progressions making me what I am today.

    I would like to, first, give a quick bit of background regarding these enlightenments before I proceed with my testimony. For those of you reading this that are not aware, Mark Hamilton has brought to life a most beautifully concise system of knowledge that, when implemented properly, is the absolute epitome of all that is needed to obtain a personally virtual “Paradise on Earth” for any individual. I know this as fact, because I have attained that very thing! No matter what a person’s race, gender, occupation or station in life may be, or where they may live – anywhere around the globe – any person who has the desire to be in control of their own life should take the time to “listen,” take the opportunity to learn, and ultimately find the way to true happiness within their life.

    Yes, I know…that sounds “Too good to be true,” and we all know what that usually leads to – scams, schemes and “falsities” that waste our time, monies, and sense of value. However, in this case, it is true! Everything offered within Mr. Hamilton’s system provides the avenues to explore and attain one’s own possibilities, creativeness and personal desires. He is not, in any way, attempting to draw another to “his way of thinking,” nor is he trying to take control of other lives – that is not his purpose or intent. Rather, he shows for us, as individuals, the way to generate our own personal ways of thinking which gives us opportunity to take control of our own lives and self-being.

    Mr. Hamilton has not formulated a “new system” to cause interference to our lives…but rather expounded on precepts, concepts and principles to enhance our lives - that have been kept hidden since the time of Christ, by “authority figures” who have selfishly withheld these things in order to hold power, to remain as the “elite,” and to keep the general public from understanding that we, ourselves, hold our own power to make our own futures, our own destiny’s…our own lives…as we, individually, see fit to do so! It is through Mr. Hamilton that we are finally capable of learning the things, the real things, that Christ himself had tried to give us; and who, as result, was crucified for trying to do - because those in power at the time did not want the peoples to know.

    What is new, however, from Mr. Hamilton, are the furthering precepts, concepts, principles and values he has built upon from those previous things; in order to provide the tools necessary for each and every one of us, in this day and time, to succeed in our lives, without the dominance of authority telling us how to do it! Should anyone “out there” have a problem with this – as I am sure any “elite,” any biased media, anyone holding “power over the masses” will surely have – then they should first consider the fact that there has already been one person to lose his very life in his attempt to give the greatest gift of all -Consciousness of the power of self! They should consider that their ”crucifying” Mr. Hamilton will, in no way, cause disruption to the wonderful things that he has already brought to light. We, who have already “learned,” and those of you who will also learn in the future, will not allow that to happen.

    Mr. Hamilton is not a threat, by any means. He is, in fact, one who should be admired for his unselfish attempt to help ALL of us! He is willing to give up his freedom, and possibly his very life, to attempt again to give what was taken from us so long ago. That, my friends, is something that should not be allowed to happen! I, for one, am eternally grateful for his strength of character, his friendship, his mentorship, and his undying efforts to bring the peoples of this earth the very tools to build a united civilization of Peace, Freedom, and Happiness! 

    The authorities are not going to like Mr. Hamilton…for what he brings is something that will end their dominating rule over us. For, we will learn to rule ourselves. The mainstream media will surely make every effort to destroy what he is buiding…for US…as he becomes the brunt of their point of attack. They will paint him as some kind of “crook,” and will attempt to stop his efforts, first by shutting down the business he has created…again, for US…and then, by trying to make us believe, through their deciet and manipulations, that we should not heed the offerings Mr. Hamilton gives. It is in all our own best interests NOT to listen to the deceitful lies and dishonest “painted illusions” that will be presented by those trying to silence him! Think about it…if they DON’T stop the publically given values he gives, then they will FALL, and lose their power over YOU…over ALL of us!

    Please…don’t take my word at face value in any of this…take, instead, a good open-minded look at what Mr. Hamilton presents for yourself – and YOU decide.

    And now, I offer my own testimonial…my own interpretation of the absolutely amazing “results” incorporated into my life because of the things presented by Mr. Hamilton personally, within his literature, and his Neothink Society; which was created for the purpose of allowing the personal interactions and integrations of those of us involved in absorbing and utilizing the things he presents… 

    When I was first approached by Mark Hamilton and presented his offerings three years ago, I have to admit, I was extremely skeptical. After all, the things he said I could attain for myself were such that it was just far too unbelievable! Thankfully, I decided to initiate an open mind, and at least “give it a chance” – it would certainly be worth while…if, in fact, I could attain the near “miraculous” things I was told of.

    I was, at the time, in a state of depression - struggling, “just to survive” – and living in the “rut” of a boring, unsatisfying life that seemed to be in a continuous downward spiral. I was doing what I considered to be “my best,” in work, in relationships…in everything. However, it seemed the harder I tried, the harder life’s problems reared their ugly heads. I’m sure most of you reading this can probably relate! I was, in every sense of my situation, hoping beyond hope that somehow, some way, Mark’s offerings would help to turn my life around in a positive direction – and ultimately, it has!

    The phenomenal life-changing experiences I have gladly been exposed to have created a complete and total turn-around of the negative way things were for me! No longer do I succumb to life’s drudgeries that I, for so long, had to endure. This was not an “overnight” thing that happened, of course; as I needed the time to learn, to absorb, and then to begin implementing the “changes” that have so drastically altered my life in positive ways. I have finally achieved things for myself so that I can live the life I want to live…and deserve to live! I have attained a happiness in life that I before had thought to be virtually “impossible.”

    Nearly my entire life I had a personal goal – one that I considered to be an “ultimate” goal. It was “extreme” in light of its ever happening, but I had it nonetheless. I felt if I could only achieve that goal, that any others would be “easy” to accomplish afterward! As it happens…and due to what I learned from Mark, I have finally achieved my intentions! It was through Mark’s enlightenments that I was able to do so. It was through him and my interactions within the Neothink society that my eyes were truly opened to what I had available within me. I learned of the things “holding me down” that were supposedly ”out of my control,” and then of my own strengths, my own “power” to direct myself, and that it is I, and only I, who can do what is necessary to bring what I want in life, by being a self-leader! Obviously, Mark and the peoples in the society have great “meaning” in my life now…and all are cherished as true friends.

    It is also through Mark and the society that yet another “creation” has taken place. It is something I truly look forward to, support completely, and have great desire for. The integrated desires of all in the conglomerate have formulated and designed what will become an avenue of true freedom to the peoples of the United States…and ultimately in future times, for the world! I speak of the Twelve Visions Party – a “non-political” party – created with the intention of providing a structure that will enable the full freedoms of the peoples, just as things should be for us. The “rulership” that has overtaken our political environment will cease to exist – for no one, individually or as a group, has the right to “rule” and direct our lives as they see fit. It will provide, again, a structure for We, the Peoples, to return to the original intent of our forefathers…with only one added addendum – that will make sure no one else, ever again, will have the power to dominate our lives.

    The success of this new “party” will enhance our very existence. It will provide for myself, my family and friends, and for the whole of our country, an environment we all need to establish the true freedoms we all deserve. I know this is true because I have already seen how the concepts involved will make a difference. It has already turned my own life around in fantastic ways! In contrast, however, should this new party fail because of present “authority” destroying its processes…then we will all suffer greatly in the end.

    In conclusion, I want you to know of my ultimate feelings toward Mark Hamilton, his offerings – both personally and in his literature - the Neothink Society, and the forthcoming Twelve Visions Party. My life has changed. It has changed for the better. I am my own self-leader, and know, as a result, that nothing stands in my way, nothing will ever “hold me down” again, and that my life is mine – to do with as I see fit to do with it. Ultimately, I know I will achieve great things within my life, as I have already proven to myself I can! And, you should know that the culmination of my surety in this comes as a result of the offerings I have taken in from Mark Hamilton’s literature and personal teachings.

    Mark Hamilton is an extraordinary individual, who gives of himself in what he has learned, and in what he wants to share. He only wants to give, to us, the important and astounding values that he, himself, has attained. He should not be made as a martyr – destroyed by those who will wish to harm him; but rather, be admonished in his efforts to help us all. His creation of the Neothink Society is a gift within itself…as it is something not “run by him,” but rather run by the individuals, together and united, within its content of the masses. His dream, for us all, in the creation of the Twelve Visions Party, is in and of itself a most remarkable gift of understanding and compassionate integrity. May he, with us, be successful in that endeavor – for it is to the benefit of each and every human being alive!

    Mark, I thank you, humbly, for what you have done for me. I stand with you…as a friend and brother…into the future. May it be a bright one – for all of us

    Buzz M


Mark Hamilton is one of the most honest, loving, life lifting & wonderful individuals living on this planet.
This man stands for fully integrated honesty!!! His multi-generational manuscripts changed my life. It awakened me from a deep sleep and guiding me toward
the life I was meant to live and forgotten about.
His writings can do the same for anyone!!! It’s a priceless value to experience a more meaningful life, the most meaningful life!
The Twelve Visions Party (TVP) is the only way to reach a real paradise on earth and end the current confusing, upside down, stagnation filled, painful life most people live.
The Neothink Society is a unique place where one has the chance of meeting people whom they can connect with on the deepest of levels! Everyone should come and try to
experience it for themselves!

If anyone tries to block or stop the movement and success of TVP and the Neothink Society it must be based upon lies and illusions. We should always stop and ask ourselves “Ok, that’s what he says but what is the benefit and intention behind it? What does such a parasite gains and what do all the people really receive?
If TVP doesn’t succeed it’s simply Good Night and Goodbye!!! I personally don’t even want to consider or think about what would happen in that case!!!

Long live Mark Hamilton, TVP and the Neothink Society!

Happiness, Peace, Health, Wealth, Love and Prosperity awaits all of us once the TVP succeeds in its mission!