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I have been considering some thoughts regarding the Neothink Philosophy and the books that you produce and sell.  I own 3 of your books which are collectively called the Heirloom Package.  The following are my thoughts regarding our right as Americans or to put it in perspective United States Citizens, to read, speak and follow our own dictates, as long as we are not infringing upon the rights of other individuals.

It would seem that in this country our individual rights have been taken away by the few who govern this land.  Instead of running an efficient business and cutting back on the bureaucracy, our government continues to sprawl.  The powers to be in this country continue to print money at will, without regard to any standard (which used to be the Gold standard) that does not support the paper it is printed upon.  Due to runaway inflation caused by this very mechanism, the American people are continuously loosing ground in regards to personal wealth.  Even the very people that this so called government intends to assist in the long run loose.  No one is safe, and all our individual rights as citizens continuously erode until we have become mere slaves to our own illusions regarding who has control over our lives.

“We the People”  have the right by our constitution to free speech, and to address the ills that our current government is imposing upon us.  It is unfortunate that far too many citizens do not understand that regardless of their position in life, in one instant all can be taken away when the people who reportedly work for us, continue to lie, cheat and sell us out for their own gain.  It has gone far beyond the freedom of speech being taken away, soon just like the Nazi’s tried to eliminate a entire race of people, one day they will be coming for anyone who dares to think for themselves.  

I am not sure who said this statement but I am going to paraphrase it here.  ”They came for my neighbor because he did not conform, and I did nothing.  They came for my friend and I did nothing.  Then they came for me and there was no one.”  This is the epitome of an apathetic approach to  not paying attention to the real cause and effect of a government that has gone bad.  The illusion has been put into place by many different organizations.  Our own political process is so corrupt it is a small wonder that anyone at all wants to vote.  The two-party system is so dysfunctional with little hope for any positive change what so ever. Add to that the social institutions of religion, and our public schools which sets forth innuendo that stifles our imagination and our right to think for ourselves.   Business itself has so many constraints and limitations that it is difficult at best for most individuals to attain their highest potential in their personal endeavors.

“Big Brother” “Uncle Sam” or what ever you would like to call the usurpers who rob us daily of our basic human rights have so many “Gate Keepers”  it is almost impossible to attain any freedom to be a free enterprise operating on honest principles.  Health Care today is not the real issue, but yet another illusion to keep “We The People” locked in a battle that is futile at best to stay free from the tyranny of back ground insight committee’s and all the rest of the political machine that prevails in pure corruption at the American Peoples Expense.

I already have a consciousness that tells me things are not what they seem.  Any business man or woman who tries to prevail in this infuriating climate knows the powers to be are hovering just outside with more regulations, more restriction, more taxation and less freedom for individuals rights.  We not only need a fresh approach, we deserve one that is honest and insightful to give the human race the opportunity to rise above all the tyranny that has prevailed for thousand of years.  

It is my opinion that your books and organization only want what is best for individuals.  A format that says, look despite what you have been told, or taught you do count.  Regardless of your current situation you can become what ever it is you want, and accomplish whatever it is you desire.  There is a better way to view the world and the people who reside in it.  We can become more than servants to a bureaucracy that has definitely out lived its usefulness. We as individuals can save OUR country and ourselves when we wake up and cut through the illusions that have been placed before us merely to usurp our power for the benefit of “The Others”.  It is your right through freedom of speech to illustrate a fresh idea, one that the one’s in control would rather keep secret for their own gain.

I applaud your willingness to expose yourself and walk your talk.  There are many people out there who need encouragement to succeed when every where there is defeat and desperation prevailing.  I have felt encouraged myself for your fathers insight over the years.  I have been brought up to believe that there is good in all people, and that if you apply yourself you can accomplish your goals.  Your business model gives business a boost, and the time to accomplish all that needs to be done with time to spare.  I understand that limited government is the real ticket to a successful business environment.  I also understand that small businesses can grow when the “Big Brother”  keeps his nose out of business.

When they come for me and they will one day, I hope that I can say I stood up for what I believed was the honest business model for free enterprise and for a sound government.  I love my country and I hope that your books will stand the test of time and that you prevail in your endeavors to awaken the people on this earth so peace can ultimately prevail and mankind can remain productive without interference from 

the ruling minority that currently enslave our souls.  It is with great pleasure that I stand with you.  It is our right of freedom to make our own choices without government interference into our daily lives and our business affairs.  Thank you for trying to illustrate this message in your daily endeavors, books and business dealings.

Laurie H