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Dear Mark Hamilton , first I want to say Thank You for all your love to all of Us …… In 2005 you sent me free from Man’s Ruling and dumbing down my life to suit their bogus life styles . You answered questions which my OWN FLESH AN BLOOD ….. could not give to me and they should be our main source of solace in this society . I looked to them for everything , yet they too were nothing more then slaves to the parasite’s of our time . Doing their bidding and getting small rewards that kept us drugged . Love , support , honesty , appreciation was what I needed most from them even from my divorced husband …. to this day I have left from them and bonded more fervently with my Neothink family …. as I still consistently read each day from your literature the power just from the words sends vibrations of strength like no other . Yes words do have power that all can use if they are used for the benefit to all . OMG so much do I have to say Mark that writing I must say is not a better trait , I’m more vocal and feel much more at ease in doing so . I’m channeling to be apart of the TVP platform as well as getting involved with many of my Neothink & TVP family . You are one of the most OUTSTANDING MENTOR’S I’m ever had in my life at this point an time (next to my Dad ) . My quest for my true Neothink