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Before I was introduced to Neothink I was a wandering sheep, my thinking has change so much that now my life is moving in a different direction there was so much knowledge in those three heirloom books my wisdom and knowledge went to a different, Mr. Mark Hamilton I really like the fact that you are the only person on planet earth who is willing to take this step to free us from this oppression and this out side authority who is always telling us what to do and how to live our lives I dream of the day when we are free from these parasites I will travel with you on this journey to the end because my future and my family future is depending on it your way is the only way and you will succeed i wish you the best of luck on your journey.

Best wishes



It is so important for the American people to build upon the whiff of freedom that Mark Hamilton is releasing into the American awareness. There is a slow awakening shown by the Tea Party and others who love freedom that America is being co-opted by parasites who curry favor by offering goodies to the public with no visible means of payment. The payment the political parasites seek for themselves is POWER. Let this become the GREAT AWAKENING that Mark Hamilton and all of his supporters bring to America’s consciousness – that freedom and prosperity do live and do very well indeed without the political ruling class of studied deceit!
John M



I am a Neothink man creating value by being a member of the twelve party.a new mentality is on the rise in america, wealth,health and peace is our mission. as we look watch the destruction of american society at all level start to crumble. people are loosing their homes and income is slowly fading into nonexistence. I thank Mark Hamilton for providing the tools threw the SELF LEADER SYSTEM. one can start immediately pull themselves out of the rut and following mode of waiting for some external force to save us.we in the society are building a alternative to corrupt parasites that live off the energy of hard working americans. knowledge from prime literature will help every individual to live a exciting life filled with all the possibilities one can dream of. get involved break throught the stagnation trap and fly among the eagles. you can do it i know you can do it. what do you have to loose, maybe give up a social activity where you worship someone else sucess. start investing in yourself and save yourself. learn the prime law which up hold the individual as primary in society, and believe me brothers and sister once you put yourself first and start worshiping and thinking about your own success, magical things will start to happen in your life. I suggest you try it out and see how it feels. take the time and invest in one self and the universe will provide you with a amazing life.


Before I read Mark Hamilton’s literature, my life was in shambles. I was in a rut, didn’t know what I was going to do with my life and didn’t know how I was going to change it. When I received my invitation, I jumped on the idea, because somehow I knew that it was right and pure. Once I actually read the manuscripts, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I felt free, happy, relieved and fearless. The dead beat people in my life were exposed and dropped. I pinpointed what my purpose in life is and I’ve been happier ever since. I got rid of my debt and cleaned up my credit report, I met new positive friends, who are like family to me, explored new aspects of my life that I was afraid to explore and learned a tremendous amount of new things, etc. I’m finally in control. I feel like with all of the disgusting things going on in the world, the Twelve Visions Party will be the answer and eradicate the corrupt, authoritarian section of our planet. Things would change rapidly for the better. I am truly thankful for Mark Hamilton because he isolated the problem and he’s providing us with the solution. Those who try to make him out to be a con artist are obviously sick and are a part of or have been effectively brain washed by the corrupt parasites that control this country and the world. Thank you Mark. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. You are truly risking EVERYTHING to pull back the curtain and unveil the lies. You are very brave. Your doing a tremendous job. Keep up the excellent work.


Mark Hamilton and Neothink

Okay let me some this up for anyone wanting to know about Mark Hamilton and Neothink. I have had the pleasure of having Mark as both a mentor and a friend for years now. Mark has a strong sense of right and wrong and sees through the smoke. He has been an exemplary role model in teaching me business and life principles through his Neothink Literature. Time does not allow for me to go into all of what I’ve been taught. So let me share with you what his teaching has allowed me to realize and why Neothink is so important to us.  I was brought up to understand for me to earn money I had to create and provide a quality product or service and then deliver that product or service to society in a timely efficient manner. People we are living in a country with a government that takes our money through taxes and uses our money to control us, establishes regulations that limit our ability to produce and create for society and furthermore live off of us like parasites using our money to give themselves lavish perks, medical and retirement plans all the while trying to convince us they deserve the perks for running our country into the ground. Mark has made me realize that “We the People” have to take the responsibility and make the changes to our country that we may give our family a life worth living. For after all we only get one time through life

Mike L. C.