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I was quite excited to read recently of Mark Hamilton’s past relationship with Ross Perot. Ross was the last hope we had (before Mark decided it was time for Neothink) of turning our government back to the will of the people and to the vision of those who decided they had had enough of British rule.
I have the hope of desparation that the TVP can make enough changes to turn the current political situation around in time for my children and grandchildren to recover some of the freedoms that we have allowed the current group of bloodsuckers to usurp from the American public.
We have all witnessed a steady erosion of individual rights to the point of having nearly none left. The current administration has been a huge dissappointment to all those that were desparate for change, since it has become obvious that only department heads rotate, and it is antibusiness as usual in all levels of government.
Here in AriZona, the latest steps in government survival include a sales tax on food. I am sure there will be others soon. The whole format of taking, taking, taking, coupled with the parental guidance of Big Brother has given me bouts of depression as I enter my “Golden Years”.
Thank God for the likes of Mark Hamilton and my fellow members Of  the Neothink Society, or I would believe there was no more hope for true civilization.
Joe Ball