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I believe that the teachings of Dr. F.R.W. and Mark Hamilton, shows the average person today how to have skill like a successful business man. Where would common people that have no business skills or parents that can teach them how to be successful go to for this knowledge. These things should be taught in school but isn’t. Just from reading Mark Hamilton’s material, I feel more independent and feel like I don’t need depend on the Government to handle things for me or my family. This is useful information during times like these. Shutting down this society would only keep us in the dark longer and longer. Isn’t time that people get the knowledge they truly deserve?


When I first was approached by Neothink, I was intrigued and looked forward to seeing what the Neothink world consisted of.
I did not ask questions. I waited impatiently for the first book to arrive. I read the entire book in three days and went on to reread it twice more, while I waited for the next semester at UAF to start.
I am a social work student at UAF. I work in human services with severely emotionally disturbed children.
When I see how bad the world treats children, I look forward to the coming of the TVP and the new world that will come from it. I see so much pain in the children I work with that I try to offer emotional support to them so they feel someone cares–that they are not abandoned by their parents who can no longer deal with behaviors that they created in their own children.
My vision for the new world is a world where children will no longer be emotionally scarred by those who are suppose to care for them and that those who have been scarred can find healing in the new world order.


Are you worth a minute in time?

When we were born, we had no choice at what we believed. TV, radio, Parents, religion, government all told us what was ”Their real reality beliefs”. When in fact you had no choice to what was truly real in life, only what they thought was real. If you’ll take just a minute and think about this…

When we were little, we  believed in magical power. Adults couldn’t see it now, for the same reason we adults can’t see it now, we were told it’s not real, you can’t trust your own thoughts! But what “If” the natural you fresh out of the womb, unspoiled by anything of this world, could see this magic, that we were slowly weaned away from through the media, parents, religion, government, etc,etc, that told us it’s not real.

Swept under the carpet to forget about. This is about each one of us number “Ones” out there.

Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society and TVP party, is about this. To bring back to you the ability to see the magic in your lifetime, for you, and the people. To “feel” the reason we were born for.

Sincerely, One

Jon R