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My Name is Devin and today I just have to tell you what Neothink is to me.
For years I have struggled with myself because my persona reached its limits while my mind sought to achieve more. This created a great stress on my life wanting to obtain things so to become happy but my happiness was out of reach because like many I live and have lived paycheck to paycheck.

Neothink made me really look at myself and wonder why my goals aren’t being achieved.  Not only did it show my why I am unhappy but how to overcome it.  It continues to teach me so I am able to feed my mind what it wants and give my life success.  I’m currently in a building stage from the stand point of success.  Every day is better and along the way Neothink is helping me to appreciate what I am to be so not to ever lose it once I fully achieve.

I was always a grand thinker but my thoughts were misplaced or better yet, mismanaged.  Neothink is helping me to give my thoughts meaning as well as structure.  I am currently figuring myself out more so to build values for myself thus leading to my idea of success.  Values that one day I will be able to translate in terms others can understand and achieve their goals.

My family is already benefiting from my new (old but finally realized) thought processes.  I’m surrounded by just a whole bunch of love and appreciation but not only from my immediate family but my new Neothink family.  A family that will help you through your problems because even if you are a middle child you are looked at as equal.

I look forward to government officials who practices Neothink, after all the basis of it is success thru honesty.  Governments need virtuous officials whose only desire is to stand up and fight for honesty and prosperity for all.

To sum it all up for me Neothink shows how to achieve and utilize powerful mind, feel everything with passion, and live honestly.  The great news however about the tools Neothink provides is that im only just getting started and I’m excited to make that above list longer.

To the ones that will have honest virtues rule the world, THANKS Mark Hamilton, for letting me see with my very own eyes that good people can come in abundance.

Devin T




I once had a teacher who taught me and a few others in his classes how to think.  Not that he didn’t teach all of his classes how to think but not many could grasp what that entailed.  I came to this country when I was 2yrs. old.  My father an Optometry Student, was recruited by an American Company to Manage/Supervise an Optical Laboratory.  I have a proud Portuguese and Spanish Heritage and proud to be an American Citizen.  With my parents influence, my passion for the Arts grew and was part of my daily diet.  I’m passionate about Classical Music, reading books and writing poetry.  The transition to school life was more difficult by the system that was employed to group students and never given the opportunity to grow out of those groups.  Until a wonderful High School English Teacher helped bring out the best in his students.  It was as if the world was  gray, with little color or no color before my English Teacher.  Dreams lay dormant, Ideas were not provoked in school except in my English class but at home I was in classical music bliss.  Today, Mark Hamilton has put together literature and techniques with concepts That provoke bigger questions.  Creates business without dead end micromanagement that limits creativity.  Empowering individuals to find and develop their child of the past that wants to achieve in life.  Not only achieve but create great happiness and joy using our greatest gift, our conscious mind.  The use of our conscious mind is in the art of creating.  Ridding businesses of dead end jobs with dead end mentalities, living paycheck to paycheck as they say, instead of having jobs of the mind.  These concepts have been so powerful that it has given me renewed hope that I can  accomplish much much more than without them.  These technologies have been life changing, gratifying and  most important, it has been the feeling of endless possibilities at any age.

Until Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society Literature and the Twelve Visions Party, my hopes and dreams for a country full of promises from our founding fathers have laid dormant in Blissful desires.  Yes, this is a great country and the constitution, the greatest document ever produced in the history of Democracy.  Yet our 2 party system has evolved to stifle the other in the name of one party name or Ideal over the other.  True Honesty in non-existent as one party is pitted against the other to score political points and rouse the masses to take sides.  If we do take sides we miss the whole point.  The Twelve Visions Party would bring a delightful meaning to Truthful honesty.  Truthful Honesty would be reflected in our institutions, our children and society as a whole.  More importantly un-politicizing  our Educational System would empower our teachers to teach again creative development to our children, not regurgitate meaningless facts.  Removing Man’s Ego from the Decision making process, Governing would become truthfully clear and effective.  In a Twelve Vision Party World, no taxes would be needed or levied for politicians to redistribute and give back in exchange for re-election.  Special interest groups would not need politicians to gain their favor.  True Honesty in business would deregulate all business and allow for business to develop in leaps and bounds.  Creating prosperity, incredible wealth, incredible consumer value with families enjoying incredible purchasing power.  This incredible prosperity would inspire great peace in a world economy and world prosperity would inspire more investment into more new technologies.  Our Society and our world society would once again thrive and promote healthy global interaction and peace.

Truthful introspection of ourselves as individuals allows us to grow as a Society and a Nation.  Our Government is no longer the example that Nurtures a Healthy Society.  Our leaders abuse their powers for personal gain and find it an acceptable practice to twist the truth.  Professional Lobby groups insure Corporations benefit from laws passed to increase their profits.  Again and again we see legalized lawlessness in our Government, in powerful special interest groups and lately in Wall Street and Banks.  How can we not see that example passed on to our society?  That Lawlessness pays!  That you can do anything you want as long as you don’t get caught.  Our society is so scandal ridden that we have become numb to who could be next.  Whether they are leaders in Church groups, to Legislator Leaders or Non-profit Organizations.  We have a cancer in our society that no current or future President will be able to find an easy cure.  No matter how many new policemen we hire for main street or how many laws we change for Wall Street or how much money goes to schools or how many new teachers we hire.

Mark Hamilton literature allows for an evolution into our consciousness, a new awareness of ourselves, the good truthfulness of oneself to grow.  Like my English teacher that provoked me to grow,  Mark Hamilton’s Literature allowed that child of the past that still wants to evolve/grow and develop with a new purpose in everyday living.  I have always been a searcher and enjoy seeking more knowledge in my technical field of optics, in Management or just taking a class for enjoyment.  But now, I No longer feel alone in my efforts, these technologies are real, they are effective, they are life changing.  It would be unfortunate not to have these concepts tried in a Party designed to work as a business not as a political career to gouge a living off it’s constituents and provide a platform for special interest groups.  In business, learning hard integrated thinking or power thinking has changed how I view my own personal accomplishments.  The Mini-day scheduling removes unwanted/wasted movements building on power thinking to enjoy more time for my creativity.  My personal life is now more meaningful as I ponder the essence of things in this world or why power structures give a false perception to a meaningful purpose.  As I share these concepts with my children, whom by the way I’ve taught to be as individualistic as possible, will use these technologies to think and see through to the  Essence of all things.  I’m proud of my children, My Son is now working on his masters in Education, My Daughter graduates as a Register Nurse and wants to continue her education towards a Nurse Practitioner.  With my children gone now, I feel like my mother used to feel when I would play Anton Dvorak Symphony #9 “New World Symphony”.  She would say when I die I want you to play this music for me at my funeral.  I promised I would but I really didn’t understand what she meant by that piece music at 5 years old, I just like it.  Now I know what she meant.  It is a New World we are going into but this time before we die.  It is time to make the rest of my life all about me and my pursuits into Human consciousness free of restrictions.  It is going to be a world to look forward to, a world of discovery, like going back to school all over again but with the tools to enjoy every minute of it.  These concepts will not die with me nor with my children or grandchildren.  This is what makes a Democracy not takes away from a Democracy.

Alfred R. S