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When I was young, I thought I was a pretty smart fellow. I have an above average I.Q. and I read a lot. Mark Hamilton’s Neothink was a real eye opener. It made me realize how dishonest I was in my thinking. Most people are just like I was before Neothink. They use non-sequiturs and unsubstantiated facts to support their illogical beliefs. They are slaves to their inane superstitions. Neothink can set you free from irrational beliefs. I speak from experience. With Neothink we can change the world from the irrational, violent world we have today to a rational, peaceful world.
Allen D. Davidson


With Mark Hamilton’s Heirloom, I had found the right integrated people that believe in good things for the people, in a peaceful world and of becoming the Twelve Visions World. Reading the HL, I also learned of their TVP, I just can’t wait to see TVP up and going. TVP will provide complete freedom to the people. That is fascinating. I am self-employed, always improving my services for the public, and I had witness how government’s agency had taken my hard earned money due by their regulations. I only know, what I been witnessing in the political arena that it’s anti-civilization system are not reaching their maximum capacity of intelligent to protect us the people. TVP will provide not only protection for the people, but freedom, happiness, wealth and peace.
Love for my all my sis and bro
Phoenix, AZ



Mr. Mark Hamilton,

What an inspiration to create better human beings through our secret society!
As a positive psychologist I wish to share with all of our members the practical methods to improve health and prolong an enjoyable elderly life.
I am offering you my book: “Life, My Own Creation: How to Be Happy”, which I am sure would become, with all of your wonderful books, the true way to create a successful and peaceful world, through the power of our minds.
I am now in the process of revising my book to include my last two courses: “Positive Psychology for Total Success” and “How to Lose Weight Through Positive Psychology”.

I have also been having trouble with the website. I do not have much experience using the internet, so I was wondering if there was another way that I could receive information about, and/or participate in the Neothink Society’s secret meetings.
I am very honored to be a part of this organization.

I hope to hear back from you soon.

Thank you,

Graciela de R