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Hi Mark Hamilton,
I am back in LA. I got back yesterday and slept all day and night from the bus lag. I will get the vid into the YouTube system and also send you a copy as well for your viewing interests.
I have some interesting news for you: I spoke with some affluent Christian circles out here and they told me that God told them that you, Mr. Mark Hamilton, are becoming President. To emphasize that statement, they in their mysticism have said that God has spoken to them at Church Meetings about you after I spoke to them about you, and also said that they have received dreams from “the Lord Jesus” of you becoming President soon. So the plan is the “good, acceptable and perfect Will of God”, as the Christians have testified because your work for the Presidency, TVP and the Prime Law is good, acceptable and prefect…they finally understand.
I’ll get the vid in asap.
Mr. Darrin M. Pegram



Hello. I have been reading the material and the new synopsis (that is kool) through a clear mind, now that all the clutter in my life and mind is being organized and cut away, and this is genius stuff! It is absolutely awesome and I am excited about playing in the Group in the Meetings and becoming happy and wealthy.
I will be starting over as I would if I had ordered all 12 of the Meetings on DVD’s. However, and am dedicated to this group because now that my eyes are open and I can see what is going on in this world compared to our teachings, there is no way that anyone can prevent us from ruling the world soon. This is kool and personally, there is not anyone or any group that can compare to our teachings.
I just wanted to keep in touch by letting you know this, and thanks for any help. Thanks Mark.

Darrin Pegram