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To: Mark Hamilton
Re: Neothink

I believe Neothink to be the future way business, relationships, politics, can be instrumental how we can achieve wealth throughout the world. This thinking at the present is little forward, but as the Volumes lay out (one of the concepts I personally identified with) is the notion of ‘Friday Night’ interests. Everyone has them, and the ambitious will pursue their own interests and eventually with hard work one can achieve what is real for them. As an architect, I am always pursuing concepts out of reach, but as Neothink has described, one achieves ones Friday Night interests whatever they may be. So the books, of pain staking research, and the teacher’s Annabelle forward awareness how she was able to take advantage of her pupils intellect and help them shape their lives and create in them that nothing is impossible, and hears how one ‘does it’. Thank you Mr. Hamilton. I do wish we could meet like minded people out there.
I hope my opinion of the ‘Works’, will assist your evaluation from whomever is yet to criticize. I received Mr. Wallace’s book the other day, looking forward in reading. I have a question; if Mr. Wallace is your Dad, then is Wallace his pen name? Jim G



Dear Mark Hamilton –
First and foremost I want personally “Thank you for recognizing me as one of the chosen ones to embark on this amazing and historical journey.”  
In the past two months I have experienced a growth spurt within the Global A-Team and have had the opportunity to welcome some very amazing people to the team. Due to the recent growth it was decided that recently held meeting would be more of a social gathering, a coming together of the minds if you will.
I must say that it was quite an amazing experience and questions were raised. The question in which I am going to put forth to you is that of “Who is Mark Hamilton?” We are all aware that Mark Hamilton is the pen name of the author and publisher of the Neothink literature but no one could honestly answer just exactly who Mark Hamilton is.
The question was brought to light for several reasons. Prospective members and even current NEOTHINK SOCIETY Members have and will begin to ask. We are also asked to sign a contractual agreement with the Neothink Society®, which is headed by Mark Hamilton, if we wish to participate in bringing forth the C of U through Clubhouses and 12VP. Another point was the importance of the year 2012 and the insertion of an un-named NEOTHINK SOCIETY® presidential candidate during this important period.
If we are to build a society based upon fully integrated honesty and integrity how can we do so when it is not quite clear as to whom we are working with. You yourself, Mark Hamilton, stated the importance of not being afraid to get personal with each other because we should always know who we doing business with. Are we not doing business with you and your team?
There are several of us who are aware of the importance that the upcoming year 2012 holds. Some are more aware than others but never the less many are aware to one degree or another. Can you honestly say that it just happens to be a coincidence that the NEOTHINK SOCIETY® is planning on making a run for the presidency in 2012? Or is it because you and team also understand the importance of 2012?
Mr. Hamilton, we are all aware that Mark Hamilton Eric Savage, Dr. F.R.W., John Flint, and etc. are just pen names, which are not uncommon for authors, but we have a right to know who you are honestly. Yes we know that you are the author and publisher of the literature and may have been given little tid-bits of information throughout the text, mostly about the author known as Dr. Wallace, but we honestly have no clue outside of what you yourself has written,  published, or perhaps spoke of within a meeting.

Mr. Hamilton, I did not stop being the person whom I have always been when I accepted your invitation and absorbed your literature. I only continued to evolve into that in which I was already destined to be. In my development I have discovered that your literature, the Neothink  Heirlooms, were not the instantly gratifying answers for that which appealed to my human nature in your marketing but was merely a confirmation of the things that I had already known. I see Neo-Tech/ Neothink Society® being a KEY which will allow one to unlock the door to a deeper knowledge that lies within us all but has been forgotten.
If someone were to simply replace their current belief/thought system with yours yourself because you have showed them something different, you, your team, and those that have decided to follow you would still be doing no different than that which has already been done unto them before because they are still following – being lead versus being a self-leader. The Global A-Team feels as though it is important that we hear your very own personal testimony as to your personal experience, path, and initiation into consciousness and value-creation. You have asked for and received hundreds if not thousands of our own personal testimonials.
Think about it. How much more powerful would this movement become if we were to read/ hear the personal testimony of the man, not the author, who has created this movement. Account Home Page – The personal testimony’s of the Inside Circle of the Neothink Society®.
With all due respect Mr. Hamilton, may we please have you and the members of your team’s personal testimony, a reflection of your personal journey from the darkness into enlightenment – consciousness and value-creation.

Your Humble Apprentice,


My name is Elaine and I also write under the pen name of the Undefeated Life. Since I had received the books authored by Mark Hamilton, and some stand out articles from the Neothink® Society library, I have a renewed interest in Life. That is an amazing thing for me to say on many different levels; and I must tell you that I have always been a survivor who is willing to overcome any hardship that presented itself to me in life….until one night.
I was in love….I had met a man that I knew I was destined to spend the rest of my life with. We were together for 10 years in deep commitment and love for each other. Then, on the very day he asked me to marry him I lost him. He had taken me to a special dinner engagement to propose to me. I was on top of the world in love with him and had said yes! After dinner, we sat in a favorite garden to talk and enjoy each other’s company. Then it happened, a crazed man walked up to us and held a rifle up to us which he had concealed at his side. I had not known that this person was stalking me, and was deadly infatuated with me. He stated, “If I can’t have you nobody can” and raised the gun to my finance. I attempted to get between the man and my love but a flash was all I saw and then as if in slow motion my lover lay on the ground with a bullet in his head.
I ran over to him and held him begging him to hold on. Then I heard the rifle cock again and as I looked up I only saw the barrel of the gun. I asked this killer to shoot as he pointed the gun at my head because as I sat holding my love as he slowly bled to death; I did not know how to go on without him. I have been dead ever since. I testified against the man putting him in prison. I cried myself to sleep each night that first year. Following that I contemplated suicide daily because of the pain in my heart and the contributing flashbacks of that awful, raw, event.
That was 30 years ago. Since that time I have graduated college, worked long enough in the education field to retire, re-married and had one son. My son is disabled and my husband left me to raise him on my own. I had always felt these past 19 years that I was living for my son; because without my love – there was, for me, no real reason to live. However, before I received an invitation to the Neothink® Society, I had gotten to the point where I was ready to stop living again – even the zombie like existence I had lived for the previous 30 years.
I still have pain, I still hurt; but I WANT TO LIVE! I believe that LOVE IS THE REASON TO LIVE! Mark Hamilton, the writings I have read as a member of the Neothink® Society, and the nice people I have met, all make me want to develop a renewed purpose for my life once again. I understand how this world can easily embitter a person; but I want to say to you. Is it really worth the time and energy to propel this negativity against a single human being? Did not Jesus say that we should love one another, “Even as I have loved you?” So what if Mark Hamilton wants to make a living selling books, we all have to make a living some how! If it were not for those books, I may not be here today. I have studied many different bibles and religions, have lived with missionaries; researched psychology and social theories of the past and present civilizations; and I must say, “There is a truth and honesty in the literature from Mark Hamilton and the Neothink® Society that speaks to the core of the right to integrity in the human experience and life that, if allowed, will replace the current hatefulness and dishonesties of our time.”
I noticed your complaint was written in 2005. If you would like to let me share more of what I have learned from the Neothink® Society please visit my blogs for them at: I write on this blog site as a volunteer in hopes of sharing with others, like you, the idea that Life Can Be Good Again!
That is what I believe – This new belief is because I purchased the books of Mark Hamilton and joined the Neothink® Society.
Regarding the political party movement, and Mark Hamilton’s false attempt to start a political party for change, this link http://www.Neothink, will hopefully help you to see the desire that Mark Hamilton has to better our world is a REAL EVENT in this time. With regard to prosperity….it is true that anyone can attract good things to themselves, including prosperity if they desire to think positively about events and outcomes in their lives. I think that the reason THE SECRET book, (Not authored by Mark Hamilton) has become so popular – a number one best seller. It is because it states you can attract great wealth to your life through positive thought. It has worked for me and many others. I love the fellowship of integrated thoughts and loving relationships which I enjoy as a Neothink® member. Thank you Mr. Hamilton and the Neothink® Society. I am glad that I did not believe these types of negative, disgruntled Internet posts when I looked you up. I am a curious person, and I prefer to make up my own mind. I am glad I did. Elaine in Los Angeles, California (2009)