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The Neothink Society is the best idea and life giving teachings I have heard ever and to lose this great knowledge and wisdom would hurt me, my family and the whole of world. Mr. Mark Hamilton is given us everything we need to help fallen humanity and I love the Neothink mind set. I beg the people of the world to help every one see the light of consciousness that Christ bought given again from this great man who is thinking about a better world for all. Thank you Mr. Mark Hamilton for opening my eyes to the key to success.

Sincerely, Robert Conway-Bey III



Hello,I am writing this letter of support for Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society of which I am a member and a proud supporter .I cant really even put into words what being involved in neothink has meant to me and my family.I am also a proud supporter of the twelve visions party and feel that its time is long overdue.The twelve visions party and neothink will bring about a major change for the better inthis country and ultimately the entire world.It is time for the people of the world to stop living in fear and stand up for what is right ,and I believe that Mark Hamilton and our new political movement,the twelve visions party is the instument of change that the world needs and I for one am with you Mr Hamilton…

Joseph l. F



No one can stop us from doing the things that are in our minds.  They do not realize that our mind can counteract anything that anyone tries to do against us. Also the words of our mouth they cannot control. We need to be positive in everything we think and every word we speak. All we have to do is AGREE that we will NOT be bothered by anyone, that we are FREE to study anything to our hearts content. I cannot believe that this organization is upset over this situation. We are stronger than these people of the world that have not studied the things that we have. They are so ignorant to the power of the mind and have no idea how powerful the mind can be when used in the right way.  Someone pick out a day and a time and let everyone know when it will be, and we will all stop what we are doing, and use our mind to AGREE that these people will completely forget about our organization. You think I am kidding?  I have seen this thing happen before.

Janet C. R

P.S. PEOPLE through the ages have all written about the POWER OF THE MIND. WE just have to BELIEVE.